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Lauren Battersby

Lauren Battersby

Lauren designs all the images, animations and campaigns that you see across our channels!

My background

I’m Lauren, Junior Graphic Designer at Subly. I’m from southeast London and have recently returned home from travelling down under (yep, that’s correct, Australia 😝).

Languages? Oh, I’m fluent in loads. But to name a few: English, American, Australian, Canadian…I’m kidding! On a serious note, I love learning new languages. For now, I know just bits and pieces of French (thank you, secondary school)!

If I were on the KFC menu, the secret ingredients that make up who I am would be 90% fun, 100% friendly, 98% down to earth with a slight hint of crazy and a dash of sarcasm.

My education

I studied Fine Art and Design at Kingston College, and it was my favourite part of my education. I learned the bulk of the skills that I would call useful there. Probably because I finally specialised in my field instead of being forced to learn the Pythagorean theorem. 🙄

I also completed a Graphic Design degree at UCA Epsom. Initially, it was overwhelming to be exposed to so much information all at once (and yes, partying, too 🎉), but I found a good balance pretty quickly.

Everything I learnt in those years is ingrained in my mind, and it’s helped me get to where I am today. They are skills that come in handy every day, unlike the Pythagorean theorem.

My experience

After my degree, I got my first real job at Chickidee, a beautiful homeware company. As a Junior Designer, I worked on everything from designing the website to creating social media content, editing images, to designing products and packaging. It was a lot of hard work, it was fun, and I enjoyed my time there.

I learnt many new skills, like how to think on your feet, juggle multiple tasks and deal with customer complaints (without wanting to cry at night 😂)!

My achievements

Honestly, one of my most significant achievements to date was getting the courage to quit my job and travel across the world to Australia. To many of you travel fanatics, I’m sure this isn’t such a big deal, but for me, it was. I was basically like a homing pigeon before I set off to travel.

I loved routine, so breaking that pattern was difficult. Looking back now, it was the best thing I could have done for myself, as it taught me that I’m more than capable of being independent. It taught me to be more confident and showed me that I could do anything if I just put my mind to it.

A work achievement would have to be getting the job here at Subly and turning the next page in my career.

My expertise

I would say my expertise lies within the Adobe Creative Suite. I know Photoshop, Illustrator & Indesign like the back of my hand and have recently been getting more familiar with After Effects & Premiere Pro.

I haven’t had any specific training as of yet. However, I’m looking forward to the future, where I will be having SEO training sessions and possibly more. I use most software for designing, but one thing I’ve never used and will never use is comic sans 😂 (I’m sure every designer can relate to this.).

My interests

I’m interested in learning how to create incredible motion graphics, so in my spare time, you might find me watching tutorials on creating animations. I geek out when it comes to design. 🤓  

The world of the paranormal piques my interest. I genuinely believe in the existence of spirits and love to hear stories or watch films based on true spooky events. I love to swim, dance and go to the movies.

Aside from travelling, my interests include:

🎨 anything art-related

📺 watching films (mainly something paranormal, I know I’m a freak)

💪 going to the gym

🍕 eating pizza, and hating myself after eating pizza so going back to the gym 💪

🎉 partying with friends

👪 spending time with family and

🐱 my beloved cat Sergeant Tibbles

Fun fact: I have an unhealthy obsession with using tons of emojis. This probably stems from my hate of writing and love for graphics.

Key highlight of my career

The key highlight of my career would be leading and designing all the products and packaging from Chickidees best selling category ‘Home Fragrance'.