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What do Subly stars think about Subly?

Gillian Whiteny
Video Marketing Coach

Joe Gannon totally agree with you. It’s pretty special when you (we) go out of our way to recommend a company like Subly. Someone asked me if I was an affiliate.. I said, “Nope, just a very satisfied customer.” When you find a good product, it’s only natural that you want to share the love. ♥

Meryl Evans
Digital marketer at

@subly, you ROCK! Thank you so much for listening AND following through! wish more companies did that.

Tanay Tandon
TEDx Founder & Licensee

Subly and Descript
The next generation of podcast (or generally content) editing !

Gemma Snelling
Director & Founder
at Light Touch Marketing

Subly has been my go-to since last summer! Super easy to use and I wish more people realised the power of captioning their videos (isn’t as high as 85% of people watch video on their social feeds in silent-mode?!)

DeeJae D.
Usability Navigator, Mental Health Mentor

I LOVE #SUBLY!!! Gilian Whitney YESSSSSS I had no idea you could be a brand ambassador for them!! #Goals 😍

Graham Coath
Linkedin content creator and online events

@subly, you ROCK! Thank you so much for listening AND following through! wish more companies did that.