Subtitle Translator

Subtitle, SRT, audio and video translation in over 100 languages in minutes.

Get your business up-to-speed with a quick and easy subtitle translation. Increase session time and grow your audience by speaking their language.

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How to translate subtitles • 5:57
 How to translate subtitles

AI subtitle translator & editor.

Cut down the translation time and get right to editing.

Translating your video or audio automatically with Subly is quick and easy. In 4 simple steps you can upload your video, audio or SRT and translate subtitles to your chosen languages. You can choose from over 100 languages.

Want to translate your content to multiple languages? No problem. Select all the languages you want and then save your files. Win back hours of time. Cut down your subtitle editing time from 5 hours per video to 5 minutes. Make your content accessible to a global audience by speaking their language.

automatic subtitle translator

Automatic video translation

Upload your video in the native language spoken and then automatically translate subtitles at the click of a button.

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Supports different files

Upload your .mp4 or .mov video files, or audio files. Pick among 30 languages and get your content transcribed and translation-ready in seconds.

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100+ languages

You’re guaranteed to find the language you need from Subly’s ever-growing list that now counts over 100 world languages.

Video caption generator

Video to text translation

Download your subtitle files in video, VTT, SRT or TXT to repurpose your content on different platforms.

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Online editor

Transcribe audio and video content with AI. Use Subly online editor to ensure that your subtitles or captions are synchronised. Or to adjust the jargon, cultural nuances or colloquialisms.

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Collaborate with teams

Have your automatically translated subtitles ready for proofing and editing by your teammates. Turn the raw translation into native-level captions using only teamwork and Subly editor.

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We have a big FAQ base, but also a team of eager Subly Superheroes. Email us at any time and we’ll answer as soon as we can. Priority support option available for some plans.

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Secure online access

No downloads, apps, or different versions of the same thing. You and your team can securely access Subly online platform at any time, from any device.

Best way to translate subtitles and captions.

Translate subtitles and captions to over 100 languages in 3 simple steps. Share your content with audiences around the world in their mother tongue.

Translate subtitles, video or SRT. Powered by Subly's AI.

Translating video is now simpler, faster, and more budget-friendly.

Your translators get access to files that are already translated and adjusted with proper timestamps. They don’t need to start from scratch – Subly already has half of their work done for them.

Subly subtitle translation

Translate videos and speak your audience’s language.

Reach those who like their content in their own native language.

Get the upper hand by making your content accessible for those who would otherwise ignore it. It only takes a few clicks.

Make your video, audio and written content more inclusive and diverse. Help people from different cultures to better understand the context and language nuances.

Translate subtitles and captions to 100+ languages.

Skip the time necessary for the translation and get right down to editing. Subly will translate your subtitles or captions to multiple languages automatically. You just need to proofread and make them to your liking.

Translate your video, audio and SRT files to repurpose your content across different channels.

  • Create blogs and transcripts from your video translations

  • Translate audio recordings

  • Translate subtitles and captions automatically

Subly download options
Subly team collaboration

Collaborate with your translation teams.

Simplify complex workflows and make editing and sharing translated content simple with your international team. Content reviewed and edited in minutes rather than days or hours.

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My team love using Subly to save time and repurpose my video content for different platforms.
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Ali Abdaal

Over 15,000 businesses are already on it.

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"Subly's platform became the catalyst for our transformation. We revamped our strategy by introducing on-demand videos, now accessible in all UN languages and Portuguese, thereby breaking down linguistic barriers and opening our doors to a wider audience."
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Enhanced efficiency. Global reach. Elevated accessibility.

Be part of creating a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable society.

With your audiences spending hours each day watching and listening media content, the media accessibility is a key aspect in creating inclusivity and equality.

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Elevated accessibility

Improve accessibility for viewers with hearing impairments. Help users who aren't fluent in the spoken language or have difficulty understanding accents or speech patterns.

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Enhanced experience

Enhance the experience for viewers who prefer to read along with the audio. Reading and hearing simultaneously can improve understanding of your video content.

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Improved engagement

Increase engagement by adding subtitles and getting the attention of those scrolling with sound off. Subtitles can make viewers feel more connected to the characters and story.

Subly use case

Accessibility teams

Subtitle, caption, transcribe, translate and provide audio descriptions for their media content.

Helping their audience to engage with inclusive videos and reaching global accessibility standards (ADA, EAA, WCAG).

Subly use case

Learning & development teams

Automate multi-language subtitles, generate SRTs and burn captions in video. Get more accessible content out the door faster.

Accessibility Compliance: Subtitles, Closed Captions, Audio Descriptions, Audio Transcription

Is your business inclusive?

Find out if your videos are compliant with ADA , EAA or WCAG  standards and accessible for people with disabilities.

Subly use case

Compliance teams

Use Subly to ensure compliance with multiple standards and regulations (EAA, WCAG, ADA, 508).

Training & internal communication teams

Edit, translate, and subtitle videos to increase engagement & reach. Reduce the production timeline and create multiple language versions for accessible video training.

people at cinema

Why translate subtitles?

Cut down the time needed for translating your subtitles, and do the entire process online – in one app. You can upload your video and audio content, and Subly will automatically transcribe it.

You can translate subtitles into one or more languages and invite native speakers or editors within your team to proofread your translation. Hours of translation and transcription processes are now replaced with two clicks. Subly gives you edit-ready content within minutes.

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Internal comms

Communicate with your internal team better, make it easy for everyone to understand your video in their native language and increase engagement.

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Social media

Create snippets for social media to make your content accessible in more than one language and increase your reach.

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Client proposals

Communicate with clients in their preferred language and help to take your team or business global.

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Training / Learn & development

Help employees to watch and complete training to the end in their native language.

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Company announcements

Reach the whole of your workforce with localised company announcements for all markets.

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Localise content and make it more relevant and accessible
to people around the globe.

Translate subtitles and access other accessibility tools

Discover other tools to pair with the subtitle translator to maximise your content and reach new audiences.

Add subtitles & captions to video

Video engagement boost. Subtitle like a Pro with AI and professional transcribers.

  • Improve session time and accessibility.

  • Make your videos enjoyable even on mute.

  • Style, edit and download subtitles to use on any platform.

Subtitles & Captions

Subtitle audio files

Subtitle audio or convert audio to video with an image and subtitles.

  • Share of traffic from video-based platforms

  • Grow your follower base by recycling your most engaging contentin new formats

  • Increase traffic, views, and authority by making your content more accessible

Subtitle audio

Audio transcription

Transcribe audio to text easily with AI or professional transcribers.

  • Save hours of content creation work with AI speech-to-text transcription

  • Include speakers and non-verbal sounds

  • Get audio or video transcripts in different formats: TXT, SRT and VTT

Audio to text

API Transcription

Better efficiency with API. Integrate the power of Subly's AI in your internal environment.

  • Increase your business’s efficiency

  • Export in multiple different sizes

  • Seamless and secure experience for your users or internal teams

Transcription API

Audio description

Ensure that no one misses out on the visual elements of your content.

  • Provide narrated video description

  • Concise & timed audio descriptions

  • Help people with low or no vision understand your content

Audio description

Subtitle editor

No need for complex tools. Make quick edits online.

  • Add text to your videos

  • Type and edit the subtitles and closed captions

  • Synchronise and shift subtitles

Subtitle editor
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How it works • 6:08

Translation to any language for all your video and audio content.

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Since we live and work in a multilingual country, we need subtitles for a lot of content translation. Subly makes the process easy and enjoyable, helping us to make subtitle files and translate content in different languages in a matter of minutes, ready for an international audience.
Subly client
Metin Senler
CEO, Senler Media