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Zoom integration.

Your recordings transcribed, translated & subtitled.

Upgrade the quality of your internal and external company communication with one simple integration.

Why integrate Zoom with Subly?

Subly makes integration with Zoom easy. Once the setup is completed, you can transcribe, subtitle, search, and save all your meeting recordings from the previous 30 days. No need to upload your Zoom recordings. Subly will recognise the recordings and have them ready for you instantly.

Save time on file download & upload

You don't have to download meeting recordings and then reupload them to Subly. They wait for you in your Subly editor. Simply pick them from your list and start editing.

Transcribe & translate meetings automatically

Get all of your company meetings in writing. Don't waste time trying to remember who said what and when. Search your meeting transcripts in seconds.

Caption your Zoom call recordings

Make your call recordings accessible and inclusive. Provide captions for your team for easier understanding and better company communication.

Quick and easy integration.

You don't need an IT expert. We already did the heavy lifting for you - it's just a click away.

Find the Zoom App

Open the Apps page and click on the Zoom app card. This will open up a popup with all the details about the App integration.

Connect Zoom & Subly

Click the `Connect Zoom app` button. This will redirect you to sign into your Zoom account. Once signed in, it will redirect you back to Subly. Subly will show you last 30 days of Zoom recordings to choose from.

Import recordings

Select the recordings you want to import by ticking the checkbox on the right side. Click on the import button and select the spoken language in the dropdown menu. Click import. Wait a moment for Subly to transcribe your recordings.


What are the requirements to use Zoom app with Subly?

Zoom app integration is available on Subly Pro and Zoom Pro or the above plans.

Can I remove the Subly - Zoom integration?

You can remove the integration by firstly opening the Zoom app and then clicking the Unlink button at the right top corner.

Which permission do I need to install the integration?

View your recordings /recording:read - this scope is used for listing meeting information within Subly.

More questions?

Still not entirely sure that Subly will do what you need done? Why not book a call and speak with a real human to get the answers you need.

Translate subtitles to 100+ languages.

Make your video or audio content accessible to people all over the world.

  • Generate separate closed caption files for all translated languages.

  • Up to 98% accuracy in speech recognition and it keeps improving with each passing day.

  • Pick between the subtitle mode for easy and accurate time-stamping, and plain text mode for effortless repurposing of your transcript.

Subtitle translator
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Add subtitles & captions to video.

Video engagement boost. Subtitle like a Pro with AI and professional transcribers.

Subly export options for social
  • Increase session time.

  • Make your videos enjoyable even on mute.

  • Style, edit and download subtitles to use on any platform.

AI video subtitles & captions
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Subtitle audio files.

Subtitle audio or convert audio to video with an image and subtitles.

  • Easily and automatically turn audio files into captivating videos.

  • Grow your follower base by recycling your most engaging contentin new formats.

  • Increase traffic, views, and authority by making your content more accessible.

Subtitle audio
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Audio & video transcription.

Transcribe your media files easily with AI and professional transcribers.

  • Save hours of content creation work with speech-to-text transcription.

  • Repurpose audio / video content as social media posts.

  • Get audio / video transcripts in different formats: TXT, SRT and VTT.

Transcribe audio & video
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API Transcription.

Better efficiency with API.

  • Increase your business’s efficiency.

  • Export in multiple different sizes.

  • Seamless and secure experience for your users or internal teams.

Transcription API
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Online subtitle editor.

No need for complex tools, make quick video edits online.

  • Add text to your videos.

  • Type and edit the subtitle text.

  • Synchronise the subtitles with the video.

Subtitle editor
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