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API transcription & iFrame.

Transcribe your video & audio files with API integration.

Automatic subtitles, transcription and speech to text integrated in your applications. Bring the power and efficiency into your internal environment with Subly’s API.

API transcription

Powerful & easy to use.

Increase your business’s efficiency with Subly’s API and iFrame.

A powerful and easy way to bring automated transcription editing and media service under the hood of your apps, products, and services.

Subly's API enables you to integrate video transcription capabilities into your own software applications. To extract the speech or audio from a video file and convert it into text (SRT / TXT / VTT). Making it easier to for you to manage your internal processes.

Transcribe & subtitle in multiple languages with Subly's API.

Subly API has three elements, transcription, editing and media service. Integrating Subly’s API into your internal platform will provide a seamless and secure experience for your internal teams to produce more than ever, while building a more efficient workflow with enhanced AI accuracy.

Video caption generator


Allows you to get an automated transcription, subtitles, and speech-to-text of your media item (video or audio).


Allows you to embed our easy-to-use platform, editing and styling interface.


Allows you to add your edited and styled subtitles to your video file and export in multiple different sizes.

Subly's AI under your tech stack umbrella.

From extensive documentation, to questions about costs, or dedicated support, we have everything you need to help get you started.

API documents


Utilise the iFrame to integrate our editing and styling capabilities into your internal environment.

With our white labelled editor, you can effortlessly style and edit your subtitles, while also having the ability to incorporate images into audio content, plus much more.

Experience the convenience of Subly's tools directly within your workflow, making the process of editing, refining, and enhancing content more streamlined than ever.

Transcription API.

The Subly API comes with extensive documentation, so that you can learn more and integrate the API seamlessly into your environment.

Share Subly API with your developers and get them all they need to make this work. With Subly's API, you will be able to:

  • Transcribe files and download SRT

  • Edit transcriptions in iFrame editor

  • Burn subtitles into video/audio and download

API code documents

Translate API.

Translate API allows you to translate your video and audio content in your own environment.


What is the benefit of using a transcription API?

Integrating Subly’s APIs into your internal platform will provide a seamless and secure experience for your clients or internal teams.

Why would I use your API and not just use a link to the Subly site?

By integrating Subly’s APIs into your platform, your team or your clients will never need to leave your internal platforms, or have the need to log in to Subly. No need to manage subscription plans and team access as it would be managed on your internal platform.

Is the Subly API white labeled or does a customer always need to add “powered by Subly”?

Our APIs and iFrame can be integrated in your platforms without the need to mention Subly. We are also happy to partner with out clients and happily shout about our collaboration. It’s fully up to you.

What expertise does a company need to be able to implement an API i.e. do they need a developer and what coding language skills?

We have built Subly APIs to be easy to integrate into any platform. You will need someone that understand your platform or is familiar with the platform that you are integrating Subly APIs into.

What is the best way to demo the API or provide an insight as to how good it is?

Our APIs are a very good representation of our web app. We recommend trialing our Subly product to ensure you are happy with the transcription quality and editing experience. Then have a look at our API documentation to understand how to integrate into your product. We will support you through the integration.

Other questions?

Want to find out more about the API, billing, or Subly in general? Why not book a call and speak with a real human to get the answers you need.

Translate subtitles to 70+ languages.

Make your video or audio content accessible to people all over the world.

  • Generate separate closed caption files for all translated languages.

  • Up to 98% accuracy in speech recognition and it keeps improving with each passing day.

  • Pick between the subtitle mode for easy and accurate time-stamping, and plain text mode for effortless repurposing of your transcript.

Subtitle translator
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Add subtitles & captions to video.

Video engagement boost. Subtitle like a Pro with AI and professional transcribers.

Subly export options for social
  • Increase session time.

  • Make your videos enjoyable even on mute.

  • Style, edit and download subtitles to use on any platform.

AI video subtitles & captions
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Subtitle audio files.

Subtitle audio or convert audio to video with an image and subtitles.

  • Easily and automatically turn audio files into captivating videos.

  • Grow your follower base by recycling your most engaging contentin new formats.

  • Increase traffic, views, and authority by making your content more accessible.

Subtitle audio
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Audio & video transcription.

Transcribe your media files easily with AI and professional transcribers.

  • Save hours of content creation work with speech-to-text transcription.

  • Repurpose audio / video content as social media posts.

  • Get audio or video transcripts in different formats: TXT, SRT and VTT.

Transcribe audio & video
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Online subtitle editor.

No need for complex tools, make quick video edits online.

  • Add text to your videos.

  • Type and edit the subtitle text.

  • Synchronise the subtitles with the video.

Subtitle editor
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How it works • 6:08