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How a content creator uses subtitle translation tool to capture global attention online

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"We work in a multilingual country so we need subtitles for a lot of content. Subly makes the process easy and enjoyable."
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Metin Senler
CEO and Founder

About Metin and why he needed a subtitle translation tool

The internet is a large pie and everyone wants a piece of it. Amidst the myriad of tools (yes, even our subtitle translation tool), endless content and multitude of distractions on and beyond our phones, creators today are competing for their viewers’ attention and it's becoming increasingly challenging.

on left, text about metin, on right, man holding up peace sign with two fingers
About Metin and his brand

So how do creators, like Metin, stop the scroll and capture their audiences’ attention? 

For Metin, the secret was hidden within his process. And when he looked closer he realised he could be doing more to optimise his content for engagement.

He also discovered that he could translate subtitles to reach more audiences across different regions with this new strategy.

man in camera view with pink background and subtitles on screen
Metin speaking to his audience with subtitles on screen

Metin Senler is the Founder and CEO of Senler Media, a social media marketing agency. He also uses his social media to grow his personal brand and podcasts, Was Meinsch and Brain Storm

As more short-form content is promoted, attention spans are growing more scarce. So, it's Metin's priority to understand how to stop the scroll and help his client's capture the attention of their audiences. And his first stop was finding a way to subtitle and translate subtitles for his content.

Metin's purpose at Senler Media is to help his international clients across Switzerland and Germany grow their presence online.

This is what led him to find new ways to create, optimise and repurpose content with a focus on accessibility, by using an automatic subtitle translator to translate subtitles in particular. So Metin found Subly!

The challenge

At Senler Media, Metin and his team produce a lot of video content for social media.  As a content production agency, they aim to create engaging and accessible content for any social  platform.

text, the challenge
The Challenge Metin faced

This means investing their time into planning, creating and optimising content they produce. But, unlike other content agencies, Senler Media thrives from its unique geo-location and the cultural diversity within its team and client base.

About Senler Media's content production goals

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland recognises 4 national languages. Language accessibility is at the heart of Senler Media’s work. 

people laughing
Metin and his Senler Media team

For Senler Media, it is vital to be multilingual and able to readily translate subtitles. This is why they focus on the accessibility and inclusivity of their content. It is Metin's priority to not only create subtitle files but to translate subtitles.

But he didn't want to do it with a manual subtitles translator, they needed to be more efficient.

What was the most important feature in a subtitle translator tool?

As a content agency, Metin prioritises quality and efficiency. And in a team of just 10 people, spending hours subtitling  content wasn’t working, but spending budget on hiring a manual subtitles translator also wouldn't work. They needed a different solution to translate subtitles.

So they quested for a solution that would help them optimise for the web without compromising the quality of their clients’ content.

Four men filming a video around large wooden table
Senler Media at work

Why did Senler Media need Subly to translate subtitles? 

Before Metin found Subly, he struggled with creating accessible, inclusive and optimised content for himself, too.

“Subtitling and translation are more important than ever. We had to transcribe and add the text to our videos manually. It always took way too long!” said Metin. “So I wanted a good, efficient tool that could help us to create subtitle files and translate subtitles in one place.” 

At Senler Media, Metin's team needed Subly to:

  • Repurpose video and audio content
  • Post engaging videos on YouTube
  • Capture audiences with sound-off
  • Generate SRT files
  • Improve internal and external team collaboration

To find a solution to his problems, Metin headed straight to his source of inspiration– the creators’ groups he was part of online. Through a recommendation he discovered Subly.

When looking for a solution, it was key that Metin and his team’s new solution was fast and simple, with accurate speech recognition, correct time stamping and easy-to-use team collaboration tools.

After giving it a go, Subly quickly became integral to their workflow to subtitle and translate subtitles.

After creating content, they would upload to automatically subtitle files, automatically translate and download as closed captions in SRT files ready for sharing on any social media platform.

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The solution

Subly has helped Metin and his team find the automatic subtitling and translation tool they needed to start creating more inclusive content for their client’s social media platforms.

text, the solution
The Solution Metin found for his team

It also helped Metin get more out of the content he created for his personal brand since he could now edit and subtitle repurposed clips from his podcast for any social media platform, particularly for Instagram and TikTok

What was most important for his agency?

It’s important for them to be able to quickly get a subtitle file and translate because they understand that digital inclusivity can increase engagement up to 80%.

It also helps them to get the attention of clients’ target audiences when they are browsing sound-off.

man sitting with safety hat and camera on forehead with desk and screens in the background
Metin hard at work!

Why did Metin and his team choose Subly to translate subtitles?

At Senler Media, the content creators and project managers use Subly most frequently to subtitle and translate subtitles. They are particularly happy about the fact that they can export SRT files. This was a priority for them to use the subtitle file when uploading to social media.

Subly neatly fits into their team’s existing workflow to speed up the process of video editing in Adobe Premiere, without needing a manual subtitles translator at any stage of their editing workflow.

Despite looking into other solutions before finding Subly, the simplicity, ease of use and community is what won their team over to try Subly.

screenshot of senler media igtv page
Senler Media's IGTV page

This works really great for them as they then download their optimised and resized content with an SRT subtitle file ready to share to TikTok and YouTube, where they will often add final touch-ups using the tools’ native editing features, too.

The result –"Our editing process is much easier and faster now."

Since the team began using Subly to speed up their workflows they have improved:

  • Time management
  • Internal communication
  • Internal collaboration
  • External collaboration with their clients

Together with their team, Metin improved their project and time management as now they could all collaborate on edits from one editor and avoid unnecessary file sharing and re-editing tasks.

"We subtitle every video with Subly and have since gained over 2M views on TikTok," said Metin. “And, for my podcast, BrainStorm, the subtitling helps a lot when I make audiograms or even videos. Since I have been subtitling the audio and video snippets my listener base has jumped by 350% which is amazing as I don't even have 20 episodes out yet!"

How has Subly improved their workflow?

They could work to complete their projects quicker which has improved their output as an agency.

text : The Result –"Our editing process is much easier and faster now."
The Results Metin has seen since finding Subly

In addition, the ability to share content while it's still in the editor via public links and shared access meant that they worked to improve communication externally with their clients.

“Our entire editing process is much easier and faster now,” said Metin. “And our brand awareness and engagement has improved by 30% since optimising our content and our clients’ content with subtitles.”

Their clients could see what Metin and his team worked on and give real-time feedback to finalise projects faster.

four sitting at white desk with face masks on and computer
The Senler Media team working from the office!

Metin is particularly happy about the speed with which their team can now translate subtitles.

“We’ve seen a significant improvement in our workflow since Subly has made it so much easier to subtitle a file now,” said Metin. “And, our localised content is so much better, too.

For them, being based in Switzerland, a multilingual country, being able to quickly translate subtitles and adapt content makes them stand out and helps them get projects completed faster.

What does their workflow look like now?

Senler Media can now work with their clients to easily and quickly create accessible content that clients can approve fast thanks to the collaboration features Subly offers. 

“Our external communications are much easier now,” said Metin. “[Subly] just takes the pain away from the previous process of thousands of emails and file edits to just three steps: to subtitle file, translate subtitles and approve.”

With their newfound automatic subtitles translator, Metin and his team are streamlining their content for improved results and increased engagement. They now use Subly to optimise their content for socials from one editor thanks to subtitles.

And they are finally helping their audience to stop scrolling and start noticing the content they will really love.

You can read about how one content creator utilised subtitles and the video to text transcription feature to grow his social media presence into an agency.

Want to stop your followers from scrolling past your content? Try Metin’s workflow with Subly today.

Try Subly today

Try full features for 7 days.

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