Ivan Grebiniuk

Ivan Grebiniuk

Ivan builds and fixes the code behind Subly to improve the tool every day!

My background

I’m Ivan, a Full-Stack Developer at Subly. In my team I work with the developers to write the code that Subly runs on so you can enjoy easy and simple editing! I was born in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine and lived there for 17 years. I then moved to Dnipro, and now I live in London with my family. So, I can speak to you in English and Ukrainian. I’m just a regular guy. I like learning new skills, hiking, biking, snowboarding...and when I get tired of sports for the day, I also enjoy reading books. Since everyone is including their fun facts, and I can’t remember any fun facts about myself right now, my fun fact for you is that Canada is just south of Detroit. I’m serious, just look at a map!

My education

I graduated from Dnipropetrovs'k National University of Railway Transport with a degree in Software Engineering. It was a good experience. I was taught how to learn, and improved my soft skills. So I can confidently say I use those skills on a daily basis.

My experience

After more than 10 years experience as an E-commerce Project Manager I decided to expand my horizons and become a competent web developer. I was actively involved in all aspects of the project life-cycle, including analytics, prototyping, UX design, QA automation and fault tolerance.

As a project manager I worked with clients (this is where soft skills from university have come in!). I also managed project budgets, timelines and resources. I led on projects, managed development teams of up to 20 people, helped with risk management planning and identification.

So you can say, I can do a little bit of everything! I enjoyed that time but now I am enjoying learning more about web development and immersing myself into the startup life.

My achievements

My achievements within work have been helping companies I’ve worked for in the past increase revenue, redesigning online stores to improve conversions and developing a mobile online store and almost doubling conversions because of it! I’ve also developed some mobile applications for iOS and Android, which is very exciting, too!

My expertise

I like to say I am a well rounded web developer with expertise in a lot of languages including

JavaScript, React, NodeJS, MongoDB, GraphQL, HTML5 and CSS3. I've had the opportunity to learn a bit about responsive design principles, project management tools and methodologies such as Agile, PRINCE2 and PMP standard. It’s almost the perfect toolkit to bring to a growing SaaS tech team!

I also have extensive experience in e-commerce, business analysis, process optimization and automation.

Some training I’ve completed that I’m proud of includes:

👉SoftServe IT Academy course “Development, Design and Architecture of Modern Software Systems Based on OOP Languages”

👉Web UI Certification SoftServe University

👉PRINCE2® Practitioner Certificate in Project Management

👉Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) Certificate

My interests

Inside of work I like learning about everything related to backend and frontend coding and UI/UX design. Outside of work, I try to spend as much time as possible with my family and children.