Antonio Lozano

Antonio Lozano

Antonio is the creative force behind our product development, blending his engineering background with a keen eye for design to bring innova

My Background

Originally from the sunny city of Murcia, Spain, I’ve always had a curiosity for exploring new places and cultures. Thanks to my father’s profession as a photographer, I developed a deep appreciation for design, art, and music from an early age. This love for exploration led me to live in various vibrant cities including Liubliana, Bilbao, Madrid, London, Barcelona, Mexico City, and Berlin, each contributing to my diverse perspective.

My Education

I hold a BEng (Hons) in Nautical Sciences and Maritime Transport, a foundation that instilled in me a disciplined approach to problem-solving. This engineering background, coupled with my passion for design, enables me to approach creative challenges with both methodical precision and artistic flair.

My Experience

Throughout my career, I’ve immersed myself in the dynamic world of start-ups and product development, from cutting-edge platforms revolutionizing workspace flexibility to innovative solutions connecting engineers with their dream jobs. I’ve also ventured into creating my own small-scale products, from utilities like .heic converters to fun websites. This diverse experience has honed my ability to navigate complex problems and drive impactful solutions.

My Achievements

Professionally, I take pride in my contributions to Charlie HR’s design system and the exploration work I undertook to bring new products to market. Personally, fulfilling my dream of living in Mexico City stands out as a significant milestone, reflecting my passion for embracing new experiences and cultures.

My Expertise

I specialize in crafting products from inception to execution, leveraging my skills in research, testing, and development. Whether it’s envisioning a concept or refining the user experience, I thrive on the challenge of bringing ideas to fruition.

My Interests

Outside of work, music and travel remain central to my life. From playing in bands to pursuing my solo music project, music has always been a creative outlet for me. Currently, I’m collaborating with a friend on new music, eagerly anticipating its release. Traveling continues to inspire me, fueling my curiosity and enriching my perspective on the world.

Career Highlight

While my work on exploring new products within Charlie HR stands out as a career highlight, what truly defines my journey is the opportunity to collaborate with passionate individuals across diverse projects. Each experience has shaped me professionally and personally, reinforcing my belief in the transformative power of creativity and collaboration.