How to Repurpose Your Content Across Social Channels | WEEKLY (GUEST) VLOG #13

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Here's what Joe has to say about Subly (transcribed using Subly Pro!)

Don't just take our word for it...

Hi, my name is Joe Gannon, and I'm a Content Marketer and also Social Media Strategist. I create high volumes of content for myself and also for my clients that post across social media.

I'm always keeping an eye on the latest tech or tools that can really speed up my workflow. And there's no other tool that I have recommended, as much as I have recommended Subly.

So a large part of what I do, is I take podcast and interviews, and long form videos and I make social media clips out of them. So typically in editing software like Final Cut or Premier, I'd have to manually do the subtitles in those tools, and also would have to make different versions. So a portrait version for Instagram TV and then a square version for Facebook.

Subly's new feature to be able to change the aspect ratio in Subly is literally giving me back hours of my week! So no longer do I have to create subtitles for a video in a certain aspect ratio, export it and then do the same work again. Now I could just focus on what matters. For finding the perfect moments of an interview, for example, making the perfect video clip, and then I can use Subly to repurpose that content to literally use it in all of these different ways across social.

I couldn't recommend Subly enough, it has literally give me back hours each week. And there's not many tools you can say that about. Whether you're a business or a solo creator, you create lots of content for yourself. You'll definitely save time, and you'll definitely enjoy the experience of using Subly.

And yeh I'd like to say thank you to the Subly team for the great work you guys do, for the support that you give. It really is my favourite tool that I use in my content.

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Joe Gannon

Joe is a Brand Ambassador at Subly. He joined the community in 2020.

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