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#madewithsubly: Meet Gillian, Marketing Coach and Subly Evangelist

Q&A with Gillian Whitney, Marketing Coach and Subly Evangelist

So Gillian, please can you tell us a little bit about you? 

I am with Launch4Life, a Marketing Coaching business based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We primarily help small businesses with their own marketing. Our motto is to teach everybody easy-peasy marketing solutions, which is one of the reasons why we like Subly. So right now we're teaching our clients how to use video as the primary tool to market their business. Because we feel it gets the best return on the investment for small businesses.

Why do you think subtitles are so important?

With social media, subtitles are critical. You need to have subtitles not only because it's the right thing to do for people who are hearing impaired. But also, the default for social media is with the sound off. So without subtitles, you are essentially a silent talking head, your video is a waste of time. Quite frankly, Subly is the quickest and easiest program that I have found to do that. So that's why I've become an evangelist.

Have you used any other tools to add subtitles to your content? 

I've tried everything. Sometimes I like to burn my subtitles to my video, and sometimes I don't depending on what platform I am using. I have only found Subly that I can use to burn directly to my video or create an SRT file and download, so that's why I love using the platform. 

How did you discover Subly? 

I'm always on LinkedIn and I just happened to come across somebody's post once and they were talking about captions. So I clicked and I signed up. Since I found out about Subly I’ve been spreading the word with everybody that I know to help them improve content too! 

Which video did you create most recently using Subly?

We have been doing the Video LinkedIn Challenge. So the purpose of the challenge is to take a group of people and just teach them how to make a social media video for LinkedIn from start to finish. And so I teach them how to use a program to actually make the video, then how to add captions using Subly in the challenge. It includes how to make a square video so that they can put in the title and the captions at the bottom. So every video from the challenge uses Subly. 

People from all over the world are involved with the Video LinkedIn Challenge. So we’re really excited about the fact that Subly doesn't just do English. It can manage British English, American English and so on. Even with strong accents, everyone has great results using Subly to transcribe. 

What is the biggest value you have gained from using Subly?
  • Automatic transcriptions
  • Ability to be able to edit the subtitles in a friendly place
  • Ability to download an SRT file 
  • Customer support and help when I need quick advice! 

Any top tips for other Subly users? 

Another great feature about Subly is that you can now download your transcription as a TXT file. You can repurpose the text in several different ways. 

If you post your videos on YouTube, you can copy/paste the text into your video description. I like to add the text at the bottom of the description and title it as “Full Transcript.” According to YouTube, you can include up to 5000 characters in the video description. What’s good about adding in this content is that it will be indexed by YouTube and Google’s Search Engines, which may provide your video with a bit of an SEO boost.

If you are a blogger, you can take that same text, add in a few graphics, and turn it into a blog post for your website. As an extra tip, if you publish the video on YouTube, it’s great to embed that video in your blog post too. While some people like to read a blog post, many would rather click the play button and watch the video. Whether your audience is reading or watching your content, this could increase dwell time on your website, which can give you another SEO boost.

Finally, a few days after you publish your blog post, repurpose that same content on LinkedIn. Longer content like this makes for a great LinkedIn article. And, when you write an article on LinkedIn, you have the option to embed a YouTube video too. This gives your LinkedIn audience two different ways to consume your content.

Want to connect with Gillian?

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