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Subly Loves Podcasts! How Much? This Much!

We love podcasts! Why wouldn’t we? It’s an extraordinary media outlet and we’re here for it! Neal Schaffer says that, in 2020, there were around 700,000 podcasts. In 2021, that number grew to 850,000. The growth trend is obvious. Podcasts are relevant, growing, and overall - exciting.

That’s why we decided to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and actually sponsor several podcast awards. In 2022, we’ll be sponsoring the Best Business Podcast Awards at:

There’s more we can offer to podcasters than the sponsorship of these podcast awards. Namely, while podcasts are growing, they are usually missing out on several promotional channels and different audiences.

The deaf and hard of hearing aren’t able to enjoy podcasts if there are no subtitles. In some cases, podcast captions are legally required

Podcasts are missing out on audiences that mostly use video-based platforms. This can be solved with a background image with captions running over it throughout the podcast episodes. 

That’s where Subly comes in. It is now possible to convert your audio to video format. You can easily upload your podcast, get it automatically transcribed and captioned within a minute, and just add an image you’d like to have for video platforms.

Actually, you don’t even have to use the image. You can use this to download subtitles separately in SRT, VTT, or even TXT formats for transcriptions and repurposing.

Therefore, Subly is a great tool for podcasters. It can help make their amazing content reach more people and become more accessible.

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