How to segment your customers

Minjie Shi
Minjie Shi
January 17, 2020

For an early-stage startup or for someone who has a great idea, you don’t know who you are targeting right now and you may need to pivot your idea. You may even end up making money in other ways than you thought and your CUSTOMER may change.

You need somewhere to start.

Differencee between User and Customer

User — who is going to use your product.
Customer — who is going to buy it.

Simple terms, if a woman who is 38 goes to the store and buys washing powder this is the customer. The user is the male 42 who is doing the washing in the household.

The user may have asked for a specific brand, he’s been marketed to and his friends also use the same brand.

BOTH will have an impact on the purchase decision. You may need to market towards both of them in different ways…

  1. The male would have listened to friends, seen a TV Ad, seen it during a previous shop and requested it on their next shop.
  2. The woman would have seen the price of it, she may have seen a discount, and may make a decision not to purchase.

See the difference? You’ve marketed to them differently already.

Now let’s use the scenario for Subly.

Scenario 1 — Linkedin Creator: wants to tell the world about their product, educate and entertain through video to engage their audience or potential followers.

  • User — The Creator or Creative Team (editing the video).
  • Customer — LinkedIn Creator.

Scenario 2— Internal Comms / Corporate videos: an easy way to provide engaging videos with closed captions.

  • User — Internal Comms Assistant uses it for editing the Managing Director’s internal videos.
  • Customer — Internal Comms Manager or MD who signs off on purchase.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about – get involved at

BUT what does this mean to you?

How do it get to them so they see me?!

You need to answer these questions:

  • Who is your user and customer? Where do they go?
  • What do they do?
  • What are their purchase behaviours?
  • What do they read?
  • What social media sites do they use?
  • How do you get to them?

How to do customer and user segmentation startup style

Before you start driving any of your leads to your business, you first need to start with some customer segmentation. This will help you to identify an audience to target (well at least for now). Don’t just make one customer segment, make multiple.

Note: You don’t (yet) have any customers to get data from so make some assumptions.

Drop all of these sections below into a spreadsheet in Column A. In Column B make your first customer or user segment. Call her or him a name if you would like. Even go crazy and make three if you want. It shouldn’t take you any longer than 10 minutes.


  • Job Title
  • Typical Day
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Region
  • Age
  • Highest level of education

Behavioural Patterns

  • Goals & Objectives
  • Goals
  • Motivators
  • Obstacles
  • Role in Buying Cycle
  • Purchase decisions


  • Websites they use
  • How they find us
  • What are their interests?
  • How do they communicate?

Your Product

  • What do we want them to do?
  • What are they thinking or feeling?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What do you want them to think, feel after seeing your business? Using your product?

Let us know how you get on!

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