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Miguel Nunes Correia

Miguel Nunes Correia

Miguel works on Front-End development, making Subly easy for you to use.

My background

I’m Miguel Correia, born and raised in Portugal. I am a Full Stack Developer at Subly and have been with the team since the near beginning! I have travelled and lived in a bunch of countries and have ended up settling in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I often travel back to Portugal (just 3 hours away ✈️) to update my vitamin D quota 😎, and enjoy some surfing 🏄‍♂️.

I love to travel and have set foot in 30+ countries and counting! The Philippines is my favorite by far, amazing nature and surfing! 🏄♂️ Bhutan is on top of my list to visit one day!

My education

I studied Economics back in Lisbon. I loved the student life but it didn’t end up being so useful or used later on in my career! It gave me a solid base for general business stuff which can be useful from time to time, but I like to believe that I’d have easily learned it anyway along the way.

My experience

My first real traditional job was for a dutch startup called SYOU who made cool and fair sneakers in developing countries using only local talent, local manufacturers, local materials and sold them to the whole world. It was a great experience! When at SYOU, I was responsible for their whole ecommerce stack, a bit of online marketing, and the whole administration part.

My second job was at another dutch startup called CTCue, they work on cool stuff in the healthcare tech world. At CTCue I was a Full Stack Developer and aside from many things I learned, the most important thing was that I don’t like working in the healthcare industry!

Other than that I have done a lot of freelance work and built many other side projects for myself and with friends. Now, surprise surprise, I’m working with Subly - and loving it! ❤️

My achievements

Being part of the early team to see Subly go from 0 users to 100k people around the world using the platform! One of my side projects recently reached the frontpage of Hacker News and it was the second product of the day on Product Hunt!

My expertise

I am a developer with a business background, I really love to build ideas from scratch, into real life and market them. I love to try new things, ideas and theories to solve problems for people and to see how different tests work when launching new ideas and products.

My interests

I love playing any sports in general, but especially water sports including swimming, surfing, kitesurfing and sailing. I also enjoy bouldering, squash and tennis in the sun with friends to relax after a day in front of my screen. It is just fun to play sports and it makes life a little bit better

If you’re ever visiting Portugal, I recommend you try a Francesinha! It is officially delicious, but I do recommend not to eat it too often as you’ll need to surf a lot to burn off the calories!