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Marko Ristić

Marko Ristić

Recently, I approached the PM in a club and asked to hug him. That was one of the best hugs ever.

My Background

I am Marko Ristic, Head of Digital at Subly. I was born and raised in Belgrade, but since then I have moved twice. First to London where I spent about 8 years and then to the only grand duchy in existence today, Luxembourg.

I have worked in different roles and industries. However, since 2011 I have found myself in digital, where I like combining data with creativity to drive growth, optimise conversion rates, and make Subly users happier.

My Education 

I graduated from the University of Novi Sad where I studied Graphic Engineering and Design. Later, I also graduated from the Digital Marketing Institute with distinction in Digital Marketing. 

These skills from my uni days come in handy in everyday digital activities. 

My Experience

My experience so far has been a mix of product, IT, business operations, and marketing. I have worked in various industries and companies of different sizes. Ultimately, I have found myself in digital and since then have been enjoying it. Also, I love working in a start-up and fast-paced environment. 

My Achievements

I have had many achievements personally and professionally. Many times I have failed. Luckily, over the years, I started learning from the “failures” and nowadays I try to place my efforts and time into things that matter. 

Some of my biggest achievements are founding and running my own e-commerce company committed to eco-friendly products, having wonderful kids, starting life from scratch in different places, and creating data-driven improvements. 

What drives me is when I see Subly conversion rate up 50%, revenue increase, better UX, happier customers, and constant improvements in growth rate. 

My Expertise

Since 2011, I have been developing skills in digital multi-channel ROI improvements, demand generation, analytics, tech solution development, UX and CRO.

In the past, I have been on the sales, digital transformation, and business processes development side in the financial services industry.

My Interests

I like to test, learn, and celebrate success with the amazing people at Subly. Love to have a chance to work from any corner of the world! 

I am curious by nature and love many different things. It’s a long list! I love a good musical, volleyball, table tennis, dancing tango (still a learning curve), chatting and chilling with people close to my heart, surfing and enjoying the mother ocean