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We automatically transcribe, translate and add subtitles to any content for you.

You don’t even need any editing skills. So you can spend time on what you do best, creating and sharing more content that people love. An English lass and an Aussie bloke walk into a bar. True story. And now we’re Subly, based in London, Amsterdam and Sydney.

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We launched a start up in 2020

Here's our journey so far

June 2019

Subly was born

Feb 2020

Subly Free launched in beta

July 2020

Generated our first revenue!

October 2020

Subly Pro landed

January 2021

The Subly sweater was born

May 2021

Raised $1M Seed round

june 2021

75,000 users

Supporting teams around the world

Backed by top global investors

Our mission

It’s simple. To make all content truly global.

We want to empower every creator and organisation to maximise their content. And enable everyone, around the world, to access subtitled and translated content.

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