4-Step Guide to Reach Audiences With Content You Already Have

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What determines how many people click to view your content? This really isn’t a trick question.

There are many qualities like value, relevance, interest...the list goes on. One of those lesser talked about qualities is reach.

Your content doesn’t need your attention around the clock. It is possible to spend more time on creating by dedicating focused energy to reaching more audiences with the content you already have out there.

Who’s seeing your creations? Could more people be seeing your videos or designs?

Repurposing content gives your creations a second, third, or even fourth, chance at life.

These chances at life lie within your community, and those beyond.

So how do you get the content you already have into the hands of those ‘beyond’ people?

Here’s how...

1. Record your podcast & upload a subtitled version

Podcasting is such a multifunctional tool to get your message out there. It can be repurposed  in lots of mediums— from audio to video to written, it is the ultimate form of content to focus on if your goal is to build community and reach new audiences.

You can record audio, add automatic subtitles to roll on a blank screen and upload to YouTube, while you are uploading your podcast to other platforms.

Adding subtitles ensures that you capture those audiences who have sound off too!

Tool: Audacity, Subly

Podcast recording and editing is made easy with free software like Audacity.

Out of Audacity you can export the file and upload it straight into Subly to automatically add subtitles.

2. Resize for social media & reach more audiences

Whoever your target market, social media takes many shapes and sizes. Even LinkedIn has recently introduced vertical Stories to their feed!

Creating content that fits in can be the difference between getting noticed or being scrolled past.

When you make content accessible for your audiences, you give them the ability to share and interact with your content better and more effectively. And, you can resize your content in one-click today.

How about this...resizing to fit vertical formats has shown to reach 87% of people who typically hold their phone vertically for general use. And, it was found that smartphones are the number one medium for podcast consumption.


You can upload your  video to Subly for automatic subtitling. At export, you have the option of exporting in horizontal, or vertical formats for all your chosen platforms.

3. Download TXT files create blogs and social posts quickly (and improve SEO too!)

A professional transcriber can type 80-100 words per minute. An hour-long interview takes 4-6 hours to transcribe. So, transcription takes 2.36 minutes of typing per every minute of talking.

Basically, it takes a lot of your time, and energy.

Why spend your precious time when you can simply download automatically transcribed TXT files when subtitling your video so that repurposing for blog posts and social media copy is simple!

The best part about this technique? It can improve SEO across your content, and create consistent messaging. Especially, if you tend to skip out on writing lengthy descriptions on the platforms you typically post on.

Tool: Subly

Subly makes this incredibly easy. At export, you can select your files to be exported in SRT & TXT so you can begin repurposing your content all at once in minutes.

4. Create short GIFs/animated graphics for social media teasers (Not on Subly but a great option!)

Did you know the third most popular type of content on Twitter are teasers and GIFs?

Why not entice your audience with what’s coming up a week, or day, before your podcast episode comes out?

If you’ve video recorded your podcast, you can create a quick snippet using Giphy. Or, if you only have an audio file, you can transcribe audio using Subly and animate it using Canva.

This can create a nice interactive element for your audience, and let your audience know– you’re still creating for them!

Tool: Giphy, Canva

Drag and drop your video into Giphy. Select how long you want your GIF to be, edit it and export it into a web file or link!

Canva even provides templates for graphic designs, and you can choose from a variety of image formats.

As you can see, repurposing your content gives you so many options to create variations for weeks ahead. You can use it to start conversations with your audience and help them reach your content with more ease.

Repurposing takes little to no extra time yet can reach hundreds more people than you may have had the chance to get to know before.

Why not give it a go yourself?
You can try adding subtitles to  your video, exporting it in different formats, and downloading TXT and SRT files using Subly Pro today.

Ana Kozlova
Marketing Executive

Ana creates content across all channels to help you learn about transcription and translation.

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