5 Video Editing Mistakes to Avoid & How to Solve Them with Subly Pro

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Have you ever come across these problems when subtitling, video editing, or repurposing your content?

Creators, on average, will spend an hour editing just a single minute of video. Now, if that was your full-time job, you wouldn’t mind would you? But we know it isn’t.

The truth is that video editing is complicated, and time-consuming, even for those who are professionals. And, if you’re trying to get a video out to your audience, or quickly catch-up with your audience, spending hours editing a single piece of content is daunting! Especially, if you were planning on sharing it across multiple platforms, or repurposing it for another time.

That is at least a week’s worth of your time!

Want to know how content creators are solving some of their most common problems when editing & subtitling their video content? Read on...

“Video editing is becoming too time-consuming for me"

Creator problem: I’m spending too much time learning how to use my video editing software just to use simple tools like text editing and timestamps. There is less time for me to focus on other campaigns within our business.

Subly Pro solution: Upload your video straight to the editor and enter text-editing mode straight away. Add, delete, and control your subtitling using simple timestamps.

Benefit for you: Requires no additional skills, so it saves you time you can spend on other projects while keeping you in control of the process!

“Repurposing content is too expensive for me”

Creator problem: I started my YouTube channel creating videos by myself, but now with a growing podcast series and requests for me to start a blog, I feel like I need to spend money on extra help...but I can’t afford it!

Subly Pro solution: You are able to download transcribed TXT and SRT files from both your video and your audio files straight from the video editor window without interrupting the rest of your workflow. Instead of replacing the tools you’re currently using, Subly Pro integrates into your process to simplify your workflow!

Benefit for you: Save money and simplify your workflow, by reducing all of your most time-consuming tasks into one action. All while spending only a fraction of what video editing software or hiring a professional would cost!

“Increasing engagement on our videos feels impossible”

Creator problem: My business creates videos for marketing, but our video engagement has plateaued because we’re not capturing new audiences!

Subly Pro solution: Add customised headlines and subtitles to capture your viewers attention while viewers are scrolling their timelines with sound off (which 85% of videos, according to Facebook!)

Benefit for you: Increase engagement organically by making it easier for your viewers to watch your videos!

“Resizing my videos is too complicated”

Creator problem: I’d like to be able to post one video across all of my social media platforms but there aren’t any tools that make that a one-step option for me.

Subly Pro solution: Export your subtitled, edited and branded videos in multiple sizes including landscape, portrait, square and vertical for all your different platforms! Choose your preferred crop style and post your resized videos within minutes.

Benefit for you: A one-step solution with no extra plug-ins, upgrades, or steps needed. Subly Pro knows the dimension for every social platform so can distribute your content in minutes!

“Branding tools are slow and awkward to use”

Creator problem: My brand isn’t converting as many customers as we could be because we don’t have the tools to brand our content!

Subly Pro solution: Within your video editor, go to the Logo tab and add your logo in one click! Want to also let customers know how to reach you as they’re watching your video? Go to the Headline tab and add a customised headline using your brand font and colours!

Benefit for you: Grab your audience's attention instantly by using the right headlines and creating more on-brand content that converts your loyal audiences!

Did any of these problems sound all too familiar to you? It’s time to switch up your editing process. Content creators like you need to be making more content, and thinking of more ideas, not spending hours editing!

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Holly Stephens
CEO & Founder

Holly founded Subly in 2019 with a vision to make subtitling videos a simple 4-step process.

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