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How Brand Ambassadors Helped Us Grow Our Startup

🚀 How do you scale with a small marketing team? Work with ambassadors! 🚀

Find TRUE ambassadors and REAL users from Day 1!

👉 They GENUINELY want to use the tool.

👉 They want to SHARE with others.

👉 They want to HELP to spread the word.

Building a brand around what our users needed has been SO rewarding...💛

Transcription below

Like many other businesses, our community is everything to us.

We've got our brand around you, the faces who have supported us day in and day out. And our organic growth at Subly would never have happened or even been the same without you. And it wouldn't have been possible without you. Without those who were extra dedicated to supporting Subly.

It's being so important for us to work with true ambassadors, and real people who wanted Subly, and had a need for it early on. And with our ambassadors, we've built really true, meaningful connections with those ambassadors, too. And for those who spread the word about Subly.

It's to have that real time and that real need for the product, and we can really see the difference it's making.

It's helped us build an honest brand that you see today.

It also allows us to get that constant feedback on things we can be improving, that we can keep improving Subly for you. Offering that product and the platform to those who really needed Subly most is what we did.

But we've also tried to build a different connection with ambassadors that you may see from traditional brands.

The main one was focused on around providing value upfront without taking too much from those ambassadors as well, so they could focus on their content.

Our mission is to make content global and accessible, but also by supporting those ambassadors that we're working with, as well, to make subtitles a standard in this digital world. We're not only helping them to improve their content and increase engagement, but we're working with them to make sure that subtitling is is implemented everywhere and it's really for an accessibility reason as well and being standard for everyone globally.

It's really been exciting to see all those ambassadors succeed and grow.

But this is still just the beginning for us, and if you think or if you know, of someone that would be a brilliant fit for Subly as an ambassador, then please, please, please share Subly with them.

Tell them, spread the word, get them involved!

We want to hear from them! Simply Contact Us and then you just have to register as an ambassador on our website. And then you can start making a difference with us, too.

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