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How to automatically subtitle, style and resize your content in a few clicks

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Why you need subtitles for audiences with sound off

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I need help, how can I contact the Subly team?

We love to help and hear your feedback and suggestions. It all helps us to keep building an even better SaaS product for you. The Subly Superheroes are available at Contact us and we’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as we can!

How do I report an error to Subly?

Your feedback is always useful, please email if you spot something that needs to be fixed.

Why haven't I received a verification email?

Don’t worry, sometimes our emails end up in your spam folder. Check there first, if you still can't find it please let us know at and one of our Subly Superheroes will be in touch.

Why can't I reset my password if I sign into Subly with Google?

The reset password link only works for users who entered an email and password to sign up. Check to see if you signed up with your Google account instead. If that doesn't work, please email

How do I spend my minutes?

Your minute budget is spent based on the duration of the video/audio content you upload and the number of actions you are performing on it.
For example:
If you have a 4-minute-long video and you upload it for transcription, that will deduct 4 minutes from your time budget.
If you decide to translate that content into French, that will “cost” you another 4 minutes.

Want it in Spanish? That’s 4 more minutes out of your budget.
In total, if you transcribe a 4-minute video and translate it into 2 languages, that’s going to deduct 12 minutes from your budget: 4 for transcription and 4 more for each of the translations – 3x4 minutes is 12 minutes.

Check out our Pricing and Plans. If you’re on a Business plan, we can be flexible about how you spend your minutes. Contact us to talk about it.

How much does a Subly subscription cost?

You can check the Pricing section for more information. We have flexible subscriptions for everyone. You can test the paid plans by using the free trial period, as well as a paid one-use option in case you only have one simple project you need to use Subly for. Contact us if you need more information or want to talk about a customised Business plan.