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How many minutes do you need?

Minimum number of minutes: 20

Price per minute
$0.60 USD
Total Price
$66 USD
PAYG for 150 minutes
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Subly Pro

100 mins/month
PAYG for 150 minutes
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Interested in a monthly package?

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Subly Premium

240 mins/month
PAYG for 150 minutes
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Interested in a monthly package?

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Subly Business Monthly

1,000 mins/month
PAYG for 150 minutes
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Interested in a yearly package?

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Subly Business Yearly

12,000 mins/year
Over 12,000 minutes?
We’d love to make a personalised plan that fits your business.

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How much does a Subly subscription cost?

You can check the Pricing section for more information. We have flexible subscriptions for everyone. You can test the paid plans by using the free trial period, as well as a paid one-use option in case you only have one simple project you need to use Subly for. Contact us if you need more information or want to talk about a customised Business plan.

What payment does Subly support?

We accept all major debit and credit cards. All our plans are listed in USD and payments are powered securely by Stripe. For our Business plan we offer billing by invoice for shared billing and minutes. Contact us if you need more help.

Do you offer a trial for Subly Pro?

Yes, you can sign up for a trial of Subly and try before you pay. You can try all the features and limited minutes for 7 days before paying. You'll only get one free 7 day trial on Subly. If you're interested in a custom Business plan, contact us for more information.

How do I spend my minutes?

Your minute budget is spent based on the duration of the video/audio content you upload and the number of actions you are performing on it.

For example:
If you have a 4-minute-long video and you upload it for transcription, that will deduct 4 minutes from your time budget. If you decide to translate that content into French, that will “cost” you another 4 minutes.

Want it in Spanish? That’s 4 more minutes out of your budget.
In total, if you transcribe a 4-minute video and translate it into 2 languages, that’s going to deduct 12 minutes from your budget: 4 for transcription and 4 more for each of the translations – 3x4 minutes is 12 minutes.

If you’re on a Business plan, we can be flexible about how you spend your minutes.
Contact us to talk about it.

How can I get more minutes?

Need more minutes to subtitle your videos? Log in to your Subly account and find "Explore plans". You can then select the number of minutes and plan you need. If you're looking for more than 1000 minutes per month, contact our team and they'll help you build the right Subly Business plan personalised for you. Contact us to talk about it.

Will I receive receipts for my transactions?

Yes, of course. We'll email you a copy of your receipt each month and you can always see your receipts within your Billing page in your Subly account. If you have a trouble locating it, contact us for assistance.

Can I collaborate with my team or clients?

Sure! On our Business plan you can invite teammates to share minutes and edit content together. Speed up your content workflow whether subtitling or translating with a global team. Check our FAQ page for more answers about Subly features.

Do you have an annual plan?

Yes, we have annual or monthly plans for all the paid subscriptions. You'll receive up to 20% off when subscribing to an annual plan. Check out the Subscription section of our FAQ page for more information.

Can I buy minutes for a one off project?

Lets chat. Get in touch with our team if you need more than 1000 minutes monthly or for a project.