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We turn your teams into pro subtitlers without training

If your team knows how to use Canva for photo editing, they will love using Subly for subtitling.

There are no wrong choices with Subly Pick a winning plan for your business

Flexibility? Pay monthly and cancel anytime. More minutes for less money? Save with your annual plan. Want all the minutes and your entire team on-board? Call us and let’s make a plan for you.

Subly Business Pre-Paid

No long term commitments.


Paid yearly

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Save 20% on annual subscriptions


$135 per month/billed annually

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Subly Business Custom

Make your plan what you need it to be!

  • Everything Subly offers tailored to your business

  • Unlimited options with your users and minutes

  • All your minutes in advance to use as you like

  • Never worry about number of seats within your plan

  • Centralised billing and priority support

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How Subly helps your team work smarter

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Seamless team collaboration

Boost team efficiency. Reclaim the time wasted on back-and-forth emails by collaborating on the same file.

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Super-quick repurposing

Upload your file once - download multiple social-media-ready video snippets in correct ratios. Save hours of effort and speed up your uploads.

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Ridiculously simple to use

No training. No learning curve. Just log in and use it. Zero skills needed for pro results. Adobe-level subtitle quality without the intimidating dashboard.

Video caption generator

Video snippets in minutes

Fill up your editorial calendar by chopping up one video into mutliple video snippets in seconds. Only one upload - as many exports as you like.

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Bulk upload

Save time uploading your files. Upload them all at once using the convenient bulk upload option.

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Automatic subtitling

Get automatic subtitles in one click. Upload your video or audio, pick narrated languge and that’s it. Editable subtitles are ready for styling.

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Unlimited seats option

Never worry about who in your team has or doesn’t have access to your Subly project. Everybody’s welcome with your Custom Business Plan.

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Dedicated account manager

Want to make the most of your Subly plan? Have an idea for a new feature? Want to know everything Subly can do? Your Account manager is there for you.

Discover all that Subly offers

Discover Subly’s team co-editing

Eliminate endless back-and-forth and monster email threads. Edit your file together, as a team.

English, Chinese, Spanish, and 67 languages more

Hit the ground running with your translation. Subly finishes most of your work for you, even before you start translating.

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Chinese (Simplified)
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Chinese (Traditional)
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Farsi (Persian)
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Filipino Tagalog
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French (Canada)
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Subtitles improve impact of any content

Improve watch time, reach more audiences, boost your metrics, and make your content simply - better. And then repurpose it in two clicks and double the benefits.

Social media

Save hours and improve engagement by quickly repurposing content for all your channels.

Subly subtitles on youtube

Video ads

What is the purpose of ads if nobody hears or understands them? Bridge that gap by adding subtitles in various languages.

Training & course creation

Improve your course content impact by making it convenient for different learning types: Listeners, Watchers and Readers alike.

Subly caption for education
Subly audio to video feature


Expand your reach to video-based platforms. Turn your audio to advert-ready videos and snippets.

Increase sales

75% people online make shopping decisions only if the product content is in their native language. Caption your promotion videos for more sales

people at cinema

Inclusion tool

Prove that your brand respects inclusion and accessibility for all. 446 million people around the world have hearing disabilities and 70% of the Internet users aren’t native English speakers. Reach those audiences by adding subtitles to your content in 2 minutes.

It’s not about what Subly offers, it’s about what you need

Priority support: Be the first in line with dedicated customer support. Resolve all your issues quickly.

Account manager: Get an account manager to ensure you make the most out of Subly.

Team billing by invoice: Get crystal clear insight into what you're spending and how. Easy payment by invoice.

Nov 2, 2021

Such a valuable service for our…

Such a valuable service for our business and their customer service team really makes them stand above the rest!
Oct 29, 2021

Subly is really amazing

I recommend this product!! It is fast, correct and has so many languages. The service is personal and fast. It gives me the possibility to reach more people in the field of Listening, worldwide!
Corine Jansen
Sep 21, 2021

An incredibly useful tool for accessible content!

I wouldn't be able to create the content I want without a tool like Subly and I have yet to find another tool that does it as easily as Subly. Can't recommend it enough!
Nick B
Mar 2, 2021

Time and hassle saved with Subly!

I love using Subly for captioning video content – the user experience is so easy to use and is extremely accurate in voice recognition. It saves me so much time and hassle! I recommend Subly to all my clients.
Linda Huckle

Rated 4.5 out of 5 based on 26 reviews on

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