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15 Brilliant YouTube Video Ideas for Any Content Creator

If you've taken the plunge - started a YouTube channel, posted your first YouTube video, and then promptly ran out of video ideas, you are not alone. The ancient YouTube muses don't always cooperate, and very often they bail on you just when you need them the most. One moment, you have all these YouTube video ideas, and the next... Crickets.

The thing is, it looks so easy when you watch other people do it. You watch a fun video, and think - well, of course. It makes so much sense. But when you need to make a video, your video ideas fizzle out quickly.

We don't blame you. And trust us, starting your own YouTube channel was not a mistake. But it takes a lot of brainstorming and hard work to consistently come up with creative video ideas and upload videos regularly enough to intrigue a YouTube audience that keeps coming back.

Starter Tips And Tricks for Your YouTube Channel

Before you've started creating videos - or even if your channel is already well underway, here are a few tricks that you should know that will make your videos more successful.

Create Scripts

Even the best video idea has a high likelihood of flopping if you go into it with nothing but blind hope it's going to work brilliantly. Want to hear a secret? Successful content, even things like funny videos that look completely spontaneous, are usually scripted.

You don't have to stick to the script completely, with zero room for improvisation. But it's good to have a direction and a goal, and a pretty clear idea of what you want the video to be like. If you have a script, it's easy to be spontaneous if inspiration strikes - because you always have your plan to fall back on.

Now the length and the details of the script - that depends. Some people work best with bullet points while others use scripts that are played over the teleprompter so they can read every word from it.

Subtitle Your Videos

If you're wondering whether your videos need subtitles - the answer is yes. While English is the most spoken language worldwide with around 1.5 billion speakers, that is still only around 18 percent of the world's population. And out of those, only around 400 million are native speakers.

Add to that the fact that 1.5 billion people around the world live with hearing loss, and it's clear that it's incredibly useful to add captions to your videos. Transcribe your videos in minutes, and adjust your subtitles accordingly. 


Repurpose Your Content for Promo

Smart content creators stretch their ideas. Once your video is up, that's not the end of it. You can use the video transcript to create blog posts for your website, and cut clips and video snippets from the video to use as social media teasers or as shorts. The sky's the limit - be sure to use your creativity to the last drop.

Look Up to Your Competition

It's okay to look up to others in the same field. What are the channels that you enjoy? What are the most successful YouTube channels in your niche doing? Watch and analyse their popular videos. Why do they attract the audiences that they do? You can learn a lot by watching other, more successful content creators. Just remember to apply what you've learned when you set out to create a video.

YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners

Sometimes, the most difficult part is just starting. You might think that the first video you make is going to make or break your channel. That is not true, but there are still some good beginner YouTube video ideas to get you started.

First YouTube Video Ideas

Whatever the concept for your channel, it's always a good idea to start with a self-introduction video. It doesn't matter whether you have a YouTube account for yourself personally or for your business. A video introducing what you or your brand are all about is a great way to start.

A Channel Trailer

A channel trailer is another fun way to get potential audiences intrigued. A trailer is all about giving people a glimpse of what they can expect from your videos. If you already have some content under your belt, you can do a video mashup. Many trailers are compilation videos of choice bits from previous content.

YouTube Videos for Small Businesses

YouTube can bring really good exposure to a small business and help it grow. Video marketing isn't just ads. Here are some popular video ideas that can help your small business get the attention it deserves.

How to Videos

To attract an audience, every video needs to offer some sort of value. If you create “how to” videos, that value is very practical. Every week, around a third of internet users watch tutorial videos. A tutorial video can be a great way to show your audience how to best use your product if you have one.

For instance, if you produce food, a cooking or recipe tutorial that uses your products as ingredients is the way to go. You don't have to make a Pixar-level animated video. Simply explaining a product facing the camera or showcasing how it works - works! This is one of our how-to videos, for example:

DIY Video Content

Similar to how-to videos, DIY videos have a devout following. If people can use your product or know-how to make something for themselves instead of buying it, then they are going to want to know about it. Of course, you can always put a spin on those videos and make your service or a product a great addition to that DIY project.

For example, if you sell craft fringe scissors, creating a series of DIY videos on how to make different decorations out of paper (using those scissors) can help people find value in your product. Take a look at what Stampin’ Up is doing, featuring their scissors, linking to the product page in the description.

Opinion Videos

An opinion video is a good idea if it makes sense for your business. That means that you should be giving an opinion on something that is related to your niche. If there is an interesting, relevant issue that you as a small business can weigh in on, go for it.

Behind the Scenes Videos

What is special about how you produce your product or provide your service? Create videos that show your potential customers what sets you apart from the competition. A tour video showing the care and quality that goes into your product is sure to leave an impression.

YouTube Videos For Brand Awareness

If you have a business, YouTube can be a great place to work on your brand awareness. Here are some promo video content ideas that can help put you on the map and keep you there.

Explainer Videos

Do you have an awesome product? Then create a walkthrough video that shows your potential customers exactly how to use it. When they see it in action like this, they are much more likely to want it.

Unboxing Videos

What better way to drum up excitement for your product than to show it off? Videos of people opening stuff are incredibly popular. This is probably best done in collaboration with another content creator. Ask them to do an unboxing of your product and give their honest opinion about the design, the packaging, the quality and all of the features of your product.

Educational Videos

Educational content doesn't have to be directly related to your product, but it should be related to your niche. For your next YouTube video, find an interesting topic and create an in-depth educational look at it.

YouTube Channel Ideas for Individual Content Creators and Personal Brands

If you are a personal content creator, the key to getting subscribers is a combination of two things - engaging content and your personal charisma. Try out these popular YouTube video ideas that show off both of these things.

A Day in the Life Videos

Whatever your niche, a personal vlog can be a nice change of pace every once in a while. Show your subscribers the person behind the content. You can make cooking videos or something else that shows your daily life, like shopping, driving around or enjoying some self-care. Or just make a video talking about yourself - viewers are always curious about the real life of someone they watch on their screens.

Gameplay Videos

Twitch has been steadily on the rise with a 31% increase in their user numbers in 2021 alone. This shows that there is a loyal audience for gaming videos. So if you are good at playing a video game, consider making a gameplay or walkthrough video.

Reaction Videos

A reaction video is a pretty easy solution when you're out of ideas. In a response video you can riff off other people's content be it cute baby videos, funny animal videos, funny movie scenes or someone doing magic tricks. Another version of this are fan videos with comments on a star's performance. All you need to do is watch whatever content you choose and give your honest reactions. But make it fun!

Challenge Videos

Challenges are everywhere nowadays and joining in can bring attention to your channel. A challenge video usually doesn't require much preparation - think of something like the ubiquitous ice bucket challenge from a few years ago. Everyone could do it. And everyone did. Plus, it was for a good cause.

Prank Videos

Even though in recent years, interest for pranks online has been on the decline, this kind of content will always have an audience. People love to laugh, and sometimes, even though they might not want to admit it, they love to laugh at the expense of others.

List Videos

One of the simplest YouTube ideas that keeps on giving is lists. Lists of what, you ask? Whatever you want. Is skin care your niche? Make a list of your favorite sunscreens. You do singing videos? What are the best vocal exercises, in your opinion? Or do something unrelated - like a list of your favorite movies.

If you have enough past content to draw from, you can even make this a compilation video. All you need to do is film a new intro and edit it all together.

Whatever your niche, and whatever kinds of videos you post, if you produce quality content and keep going, in time you will build a loyal subscriber base. Just start and don't look back, and remember to use tools like Subly to help you on your way.

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