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Save More, Create More: New Features & Annual Pricing Are Here!

In this video…Holly, Subly CEO, talks all about the latest features available to you in Subly to save you time & budget!

Your latest subtitling tools have landed! 🚀

👉 Moving your subtitles onto the border

👉 Keeping your styling with VTT files

👉 Paying only ONCE for the year!

Excited about the latest benefits? Upgrade to an annual plan today to get started! 😎


We know how important it is for you to get content out quickly and to maximise your content and your budgets.

Do you want to get even more value in 2021? And only be billed once?

We're always listening to what you want next from us, so you can now choose an annual plan with Subly.

You can check out all the plans at or by logging into your account.

And our tech team have been busy during January on development, and there's a lot more coming soon. But we're also launching two more new features today.

When you login to Subly Pro from today, you can now style your video with a canvas, this is when you need to move your subtitles around and the headings off the video and on to the border. And to make your content and give your video the space it really deserves.

You can also now export your files into VTT. So you, if you do want to download your styled subtitles and use them outside of Subly, you can do that, too.

So you'll start saving more from styling options and spending less time editing your subtitles with VTT files.

We can't wait to see your next videos and even more of you joining Subly. Those 40,000 users who have also joined us, too.

Go to and sign up today.

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