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Subly Has Made the MediaTech 50 Ranking for 2024

We’re bursting with pride, for two reasons. The first is - we were recognised and shortlisted as one of the 91 companies by BusinessCloud. They included us in their MediaTech 50 list.

The second is - we came in 8th!! 

This is amazing news because the competition was fierce. Each and every one of the businesses on that list deserved to be there, as they truly are excellent. 

What’s MediaTech 50?

MediaTech 50 is an annual ranking organised by BusinessCloud. It involves the most innovative companies from the UK that create technology that supports media and arts. It can be music, written word, videos, radio, podcasts - you name it.

This year, 91 companies were on that list. The winners were ranked by counting votes and also an independent judging panel made their selection.

So, Who Voted?

Well…didn’t you? We thought you did it! Voting was open to the public. Anybody with the link could have voted for their favourite candidate. These votes were a huge factor for the final ranking - you know - the one where we ranked 8th out of 91!! 

That is also one of the reasons this ranking is so dear to us - it shows that we have strong supporters among our users and friends. It’s the thing that fuels our enthusiasm to build and perfect Subly with each passing day.

Thank you, guys! This means a lot to all of us here at Subly!

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