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Is Translation The Unexpected Cure To Our Online Content Divide?

Our lives have never been so technologically empowered. 

Tools are being downloaded, used, and deleted every minute. The world is literally at our fingertips…yet we’re becoming increasingly disconnected. 

Creators and organisations across the globe are missing their international digital audiences. 

For those corners of the world which have been touched by the wonders of the internet, seemingly the ability to interact with content is there, but how accessible is this content, in reality?

Accessibility in the digital age

Over 59% of the world today has access to the internet, but are we actually helping them make the most out of everything we create for them? 

Global, inclusive and accessible content is imperative for creators and businesses to thrive online, but so few make it a priority today. This is what had led us to a largely disconnected internet, where most audiences cannot and will not interact with the content they are seeing on the daily that creators and businesses work so hard on creating.

These audiences include those who are sound-off (over 80%!), deaf or hard of hearing (over 466m worldwide), those who need subtitles to learn to read, and those who are from another part of the world and speak another language. 

Creators and influencers have the power to add subtitles to their content, small businesses can offer a diverse variety of content formats, and enterprises have the budgets to offer translated content globally. 

Through automatic translation, all of us have the power to maximise the impact our content has on the world, one word at a time. 

The impact of globalised content

Maximising the impact of content starts with breaking geographic and language barriers, using tools like Subly

Why hold back an audience of learners because they don’t speak English? Why limit an audience on social media because they don’t speak Hindi? And why would anyone want 440m people who are deaf or hard of hearing not to have access to all the content that's out there? All content should be accessible and consumable!  

Help online teachers teach their content.

Help international students understand their material.

Help the 440m deaf and hard of hearing audiences engage with the internet.

Help your global audiences consume your content better. 

How to create global content

This begins by reassessing how we are spending our time and money on content. By maximising the potential of our content through repurposing, subtitling and translating it, all of us can maximise opportunities for our audiences. 

It’s an opportunity for influencers, brands, businesses and marketers alike to take action now and create the new norm through subtitling and translation. 

Bringing connection now and in the future, in a world that has become disconnected, is needed more than ever. It’s simple, let’s make content make sense again. 

Let’s make content global.

Are you ready to make content global together? Get started with subtitling today

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