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Convert MP4 to MP3 in 3 Easy Steps

If you prefer to listen rather than watch videos - be it for music, your favourite YouTube channels, discussions, reviews, or podcasts - while driving, jogging, walking, doing housework, etc. your best option is to convert video to MP3. 

Then, you can listen to them at your own convenience, whenever and wherever you want, without having to rely on an Internet connection or having to drain your phone battery.

In order to do that, you will have to use an MP4 to MP3 converter, a tool which allows you to transform video files and then save them as high-quality, small-size audio-only files. Basically, it’s like downloading a video, but without the video. Audio-only.

Most of the converters work similarly - the first step is to upload an MP4 file format and let the software convert it to audio format (MP3). 

How to Convert MP4 to MP3

When it comes to converting your videos to MP3 files, Subly is very easy to use. Among its many other features, Subly generates accurate captions and subtitles in a whole range of formats compatible with all of the major social media platforms. Subly can also translate your videos into a truly astonishing number of languages. 

1. Upload mp4 file

Select files from your computer, public URL or by dragging and dropping the files to the designated area.

2. Choose Audio

Choose the audio option in the download area and select mp3 audio format.

3. Download your mp3 file

Subly will convert  mp4 to mp3 and you can download your mp3 file right afterwards

How to Convert YouTube to MP3

Imagine you go out for a run and want to listen to a playlist or a podcast of your choice to make the time pass quicker. Now, if you want to watch videos online, you will have to have a fast, reliable, and constant internet connection - which, depending on where you exercise, may not always be possible. 

Not to mention you will have to keep your screen on at all times and you won’t be able to use the app in the background. 

That means that whatever you do on your phone (check your steps, weather, email, messages, calls, etc.), it will inevitably interrupt your video. 

Not only does that make it inconvenient to watch as you’re doing something else (like jogging, for example), but it will also quickly drain your phone battery, leaving you with nothing to listen to. The horror. The horror. 

Alternatively, you can find ways to convert MP4 or MP3 files, store them in your device, and then watch or listen to them whenever, wherever, and however you want, without worrying about your internet connection or phone battery.

To be clear, this is not about us tooting our own horn. Well, maybe it is a little bit, but it’s for a good reason! 

There are certainly hundreds of online converters available but many of them are filled with annoying ads that can crash your browser (it’s happened to us!). 

Even worse, there are also converters built with malware and adware intended to take over your device without you even knowing. 

For those reasons, we recommend extra caution when converting videos to MP3 files, and Subly is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and safest options available out there.

In this article, we’re gonna guide you through the process of converting a video to an MP3 file. It’s very easy and it will only take minutes, so here we go.

1: Check Your Video Link

First, check the  link of the video you wish to convert. Keep in mind that you can only convert a video to MP3 if your desired video is available to the public and not set as private. 

If the video is set to private or if it’s unlisted, unfortunately, you will not be able to convert it. In that case, your best bet is to change the settings and set it to public.  

2: Open Subly

Once you have the link to your video you want to convert, open and log into Subly. 

Paste the YouTube link into the field which asks you to Enter URL, YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok and more. 

You can also convert videos from many other major platforms like the ones mentioned above. That may turn out to be particularly useful depending on where you store and share your videos.

Once you paste the link, click the import button. Depending on the length of the video, it may take a minute or two for Subly to process the file. 

3: Convert Your Video to MP3

Once the conversion is done, the thumbnail for the converted file will pop up on the screen. Click on it and that will open the Subly editor. 

Go to the left upper corner, click on the blue button, and you’ll get the download menu. 

Click on the audio tab - MP3 audio format will already be selected for you - then hit the download button.   

That will download the audio from your video link in an MP3 file onto your device. 

And there you go. In just three quick and easy steps, you will have your MP3 file to listen to at your convenience. 

But that’s not all. Subly offers a truly astonishing amount of helpful features for any user, including a snippet tool that you can use to edit or shorten your files, or a tool that generates accurate captions and subtitles in a whole range of formats and translates them to a mind-boggling number of languages.

What’s more, if instead of listening to your MP3 file, you’d prefer to read a transcription of it, that’s another thing that Subly can do for you! But let’s save that topic for another time. 

One more important note. You may be wondering if downloading and converting videos from YouTube and other platforms may get you into murky legal territory.

The truth is it’s completely legal to download and convert videos for your personal use. However, if you plan to edit them, publicly post them, or monetize them in any way, you will need the legal rights to do so. 

In that case, we suggest reaching out to the author of the video and asking for permission to use it publicly. 

So, now that you’re all set and you have your MP3 files converted and downloaded, you can go ahead on your run with peace of mind. 

You won’t need an internet connection, you will save your phone battery, and you can check your phone as much as you want without interrupting your listening experience. That’s win-win-win!

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