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How to Pick the Best Subtitle App for Your Marketing Videos

So you’ve decided to dip your toes into marketing videos. Good for you! After all, according to the Instagram engagement report, video content is the type of content that generates the most engagement on this platform.

But that’s just Insta, we hear the naysayers pipe up from the background. Yeah? Then how about the fact that YouTube has 2.1 billion users worldwide. You read that right. Billion.

billion with a b

Tapping into that audience without losing a huge chunk of them before you’ve even reached them means that your videos need to have subtitles. The competition is already stiff, you don’t want to fall behind because of accessibility issues.

Thankfully, in this day and age, you don’t have to resort to the do-it-yourself method. There is a sea of subtitle apps on the market that can help you with this task and make your life easier. Of course, there’s only one problem. How do you choose the best app to add subtitles to the video?

Let’s look at some handy features that you should look for in a subtitles app for optimal usability and the best results.

1. Can You Check the Accuracy of Your Captions?

We’ve all heard countless horror stories about badly done video captions. You know, when what you can see and hear coming out of people’s mouths and what’s written on the screen doesn’t match at all? That’s something you don’t want to risk happening to your videos. Voice recognition has come a long way, but sometimes the output still needs a touch-up here and there.

Ideally, a good video caption app will give you the option to manually go over the output and edit subtitles if you notice that they need tweaking. It’s always a good idea to first look at the reviews before downloading anything if you’re looking at apps on the app store. 

What you’re looking for is an app that already has a high level of accuracy. But don’t compromise on your ability to edit, just so you can get a free version of an app. Even the best software sometimes makes mistakes and you need the option to fix them manually.

2. What Are the Available Languages for Transcription?

Around 26 percent of internet users speak English. But what about the other 74 percent? The other major languages used on the internet are Chinese and Spanish, but all three of these languages together account for only around 53 percent. 

That leaves almost half of internet users unaccounted for. And you know what they do? They make content! As we speak!

the cheek the nerve the audacity the gall and the gumption gif

Sure, you might be the main creator of your content, and you do it in your native language, but can you swear that you’ll never, ever need another language transcribed? 

Here’s a scenario - you find an amazing piece of video content, but it’s in Spanish. If you upload that thing to Subly, get the transcription, and then translate it into your native language - you get to enjoy it within minutes. 

Another thing - as a video creator or video editor, will all your potential clients speak just one language? Why would you limit your business so much? So, you really need this option to work, so you can scale your business.

3. Can Your Subtitle App Translate Your Content?

Maybe in the future, you will try to create content in other languages too, but until that happens you still need to consider potential viewers who don’t understand the language your videos are currently in, be it English or any other language. Subtitles simply make sense, because it’s so much easier to explain complicated concepts in your native language than it is in a foreign one, no matter how well you speak it.

sofia vergara - do you even know how smart I am in Spanish?

If people want to watch videos that you create, you shouldn’t let the language barrier stop them. Try to find an auto caption app that has the option to translate your video subtitles into other languages. The more languages it offers, the bigger reach your videos will have.

4. Can You Export Your Captions as SRT and VTT Files?

Getting accurate captions in the languages you need is just the first step to adding subtitles. Once the subtitle app has done its job of creating the captions, you need to add them to your video. There are several ways to do that, depending on the platform you’re uploading your video file to. 

Always count on the fact that you will probably reuse the same video multiple times and cross-post it on several platforms. That is why you want your video subtitle app to provide you with a subtitle file. Once you download subtitles in the form of a VTT or SRT file, you can save them and reuse them as needed.

5. Can You Burn in the Subtitles?

Several social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok don’t have the option of adding a subtitle file when you upload a video. Does that mean you have to rely on their auto-generated captions? Luckily, no. You should still add subtitles to social media videos.

What you can do instead is burn in your subtitles, if the video caption app you choose has that option. When you upload your video to the subtitles app, it will generate your captions. Instead of downloading them as a subtitles file, you can permanently add them to the video.

Before you do that, make sure you have checked the captions for accuracy and tweaked your video to perfection. Finish all of your video editing, choose the right font and font color, as well as the ideal placement because once the subtitle app has burned in the subtitles to the video, you can’t take them off anymore.

6. Can You Make Video Snippets to Repurpose for Social Media?

Social media is all about instant gratification. If you want to get people hooked, you need something short and intriguing to get their attention. 

Some subtitle apps have the option to create snippets out of your videos. These are super convenient and can be used for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube shorts – you name it. And of course, these snippets will have immaculate captions too, just like the full-length video.

YouTube shorts shown as a mutant of Instagram and Tick Tock

Also, think about the possibilities for your video ads! If you have an engaging piece of video content that you want to promote - be it a webinar, or an interview you did - you name it! You could upload it to your subtile app, add subtitles and chop it up into the most interesting bits and use them as video ads. It’s like tiny trailers for your video content!

7. Can You Brand Your Videos?

In a sea of content, it’s important to build brand awareness. When someone clicks on one of your videos, you want them to be able to recognise your brand at a glance. 

Branding your videos is the simplest way to ensure this. However, sometimes branding can interfere with your subtitles. If a watermark is placed in the wrong position, it can obscure your captions. The easiest way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to use the same auto caption app for both tasks.

8. Can Your Team Collaborate on Your Video Project?

Marketing is often a team effort. It’s important to be able to collaborate with your team members every step of the process. Look for an app that allows multiple users to work on the file and one that has convenient sharing options. That way you can work together without wasting time on unnecessary back and forth.

Choosing the best app to add subtitles to video might seem like a daunting task, especially if you have no previous experience with the subtitling process. But if you know what features to look for, it doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

OK, it’s obvious that we’re going to be talking about Subly. It seems like it's too convenient to have all these features listed and oh-my-God it seems that Subly has them all. But, there’s a reason behind this.

Subly was made by following a list similar to this one. We didn’t just make it for the sake of making a subtitle app. We wanted to make a good one. It’s not like this is a list of Subly’s features first. It’s the other way around. Plus, we’re improving all the time based on what people tell us they want to see in their subtitle app. So, here we are.

Subly is a highly customizable app, and not only does it have all of the features we listed, but it also does its job with astonishing accuracy. With Subly, you can add subtitles to your videos on any platform today. It will put your head and shoulders above the competition. Try it!

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