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Speech to text.

In a click.

Converting video or audio into text can be time consuming. With automatic speech recognition you can turn your audio or video content into transcripts - in a click.

Video to text transcription, in minutes.

Automatic speech recognition will save you hours of content creation work.

You don’t have to create entirely new content when you already have video or audio recordings.

Convert audio to text. Get your voice heard AND seen. No skills needed.

You can use Subly’s audio or video transcription to create text which you can repurpose and use as blog or social media posts.
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Speech to text

Start by uploading your files and pick the language spoken. Subly will automatically convert voice to text that you can download and repurpose.

automatic subtitle translator

Translate to over 67 languages

Engage even more people worldwide with your podcast. After the automatic voice transcription, you can just as easily translate that content into more than 67 languages.

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Repurpose-ready content

Once you've done transcribing video to text, the possibilities are endless! You can turn it into a blog post, a month-worth of social media posts, copy for your ads, and more. It all starts with quick speech transcription.

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Different transcript formats

Your audio transcription doesn’t have to be a TXT file. Subly supports SRT and VTT. You can use speech to text feature to create subtitles for your podcast.

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Convert audio to video

Speech transcription is just the beginning. Let Subly turn that transcript into subtitles that you can put on a background image and post it on video platforms. Expand your reach.

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Make your podcast inclusive

Turn your voice to text into podcast subtitles. Make your podcast accessible for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as language learners.

Transcribe speech to text in 3 easy steps.

Transcribe video or audio to text and expand your reach without having to create more content. In just 3 steps, repurpose your content and get it ready to be spread across different channels.

Over 100,000 video and audio creators are already using it.

Social media and marketing teams use Subly to boost video content engagement and grow their audience with more views.
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Save time. Improve Reach.

Save time and break through the creator’s block by converting your sound to text. Turn audio or video to text and let people listen and read.
Subly audio caption translation

Reach more people.

Transcribe sound to text and add it as video captions or audio transcript to your podcast. Reach people who rather read than listen. Expand your audience even to those that don't hear well, or simply don't want to listen.

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Try full features for 7 days.

Get months' worth of content.

Convert voice to text and highlight the catchiest sentences from your transcripts. Put them on a nice, branded photo, and have your social media calendar full for the month.

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Try full features for 7 days.

Subly audio cation style
Subly audio to video download

Turn your recordings into a blog.

Benefit from the easiest way to create new blog content. Convert audio to text and publish it as a blog post. You can edit it and give it a bit more structure, or you can just leave your audio transcript as it is.

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My team love using Subly to save time and repurpose my YouTube content for different platforms.
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Ali Abdaal
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Try full features for 7 days.

If your content contains voice, you should be creating transcripts.

You put in a lot of effort into creating interesting and engaging content. You prepare that content diligently, record it using cutting-edge equipment, and you're always aspiring to raise your production to another level.

Subly use case

Social media.

Share more video or audio content online, helping users to engage with videos, and to improve global accessibility.

Subly use case


Automate their workflows and get more content out the door faster, with video content that is accessible and on brand.

E-learning & training development.

Automate their workflows and get more content out the door faster, with video content that is accessible and on brand.

Subly use case
Subly use case


Maximise content with limited budget and small teams, with automatic subtitles, styling and repurposing in minutes. How content creators repurpose content.

Global events & meetings.

Make the local - global and increase your engagement & reach

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Combine speech to text with other Subly features.

Line up all those audio and video files that your audience loved. They are about to have a huge comeback. Transcribe speech to text and publish them again as blog posts, social media posts, or even just simple audio transcripts. Reach untapped audiences and promote your work faster.

Subtitle translator.

subly automatic subtitle translator
  • Generate captions and translate to 67 languages.

  • Up to 98% accuracy in speech recognition.

  • Easy and accurate time-stamping, and plain text mode for effortless repurposing of your transcript.

Subtitle translator
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Add Subtitles to video.

Subly export options for social
  • Increase session time.

  • Make your videos enjoyable even on mute.

  • Style, edit and download subtitles to use on any platform.

Subtitles & captions
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Audio to video.

Subly download options
  • Easily and automatically convert audio files into captivating videos.

  • Grow your follower base by recycling your most engaging content in new formats.

  • Increase traffic, views, and authority by making your content more accessible.

Audio to video
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API Transcription.

  • Increase your business’s efficiency.

  • Export in multiple different sizes.

  • Seamless and secure experience for your users or internal teams.

Transcription API
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