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Online video editor.

Editing made simple.

Get your videos ready to go live - add text, trim your videos, add subtitles, convert speech to text and more!

Video editor

Edit your video online.

Make quick edits and wrap it up with accurate subtitles.

With Subly's video editor you can trim videos in our simple to use timeline.

Resize you videos for social channels with aspect ratio presets and social media safe zones.

Add any text to your project. Change font size, boldness, colour, add a background and more!

How to edit your video?

In a few easy steps make edits to your video and get it ready to go live.

Over 150,000 team members are already using it.

Social media and marketing teams use Subly to boost video content engagement and grow their audience with more views.
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Easy video editing for everyone.

Edit your video online and collaborate with the team members with in-built comments.

Trim your video

Video trimmer. Cut your video with Subly Snippets.

Trim your videos by simply increasing or decreasing the length of your snippet on the timeline.

With Subly's tool you can move the selection in the timeline and create new clips for social or any other channel by saving it as a new project.

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Try full features for 7 days.

Add text to your video.

In a few click you can add text, change the font size, style and more. Just click on the ‘Text’ tool to start.

You can also change the font size, alignment, and transparency of your text.

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Add text to your video
Resize your video

Resize for social with aspect ratio presets.

Resize your videos for any purpose or social media platform with a single click. Repost your video content across different channels, reaching multiple audiences across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok...

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My team love using Subly to save time and repurpose my YouTube content for different platforms.
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Ali Abdaal
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Download your videos from YouTube and social media.

Quickly and easily download your videos from YouTube and other social media channels.

All you need is to insert a public URL into Subly and import your files. Then edit, resize, style, or just convert your video to MP4.

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Try full features for 7 days.

Download your YouTube videos

Easy to use. Loved by teams around the world.

Video editing and subtitles really don’t have to be complicated. Subly is fast, easy-to-use and you can try all the features for 7 days.

Subly use case

Marketing & social media teams.

Subtitle video or audio content online, helping users to engage with videos and to improve global accessibility.

Subly use case

Transcription & translation teams.

Automate their transcription and translation workflows with AI speech-to-text recogntion. Get more content out the door faster.

E-learning & training development.

Make content accessible and maximise their course watch time.

Subly use case
Subly use case

Production & distribution teams.

Maximise production workflows with automatic subtiling and translation.

Event & internal comm teams.

Make the local - global to increase engagement & reach.

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Bring video content closer to your audience.

Make your upload, video editing, styling and download simple. Repurpose all the content you’re already using at once, with different file types and languages to really maximise your content and reach new audiences.

Translate subtitles to 70+ languages.

Accessible to people around the world.

  • Generate separate closed caption files for all translated languages.

  • Up to 98% accuracy in speech recognition and it keeps improving with each passing day.

  • Pick between the subtitle mode for easy and accurate time-stamping, and plain text mode for effortless repurposing of your transcript.

Subtitle translator
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Add subtitles to video.

Video engagement boost - subtitle like a Pro.

  • Increase session time.

  • Make your videos enjoyable even on mute.

  • Style, edit and download subtitles to use on any platform.

Add subtitles to video
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Convert audio to video.

Share of traffic from video-based platforms.

  • Easily and automatically turn audio files into captivating videos.

  • Grow your follower base by recycling your most engaging content in new formats.

  • Increase traffic, views, and authority by making your content more accessible.

Convert audio to video
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Speech to text - AI transcription.

Turn audio or video into text - in a click.

  • Save hours of content creation work with speech-to-text transcription.

  • Repurpose audio content as social media posts.

  • Get audio or video transcripts in different formats: TXT, SRT and VTT.

Speech to text
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API Transcription.

Better efficiency with API.

  • Increase your business’s efficiency.

  • Export in multiple different sizes.

  • Seamless and secure experience for your users or internal teams.

Transcription API
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How it works • 6:08

Why users love  Subly captions?

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Captions used to take 2 hours and now it takes 2 minutes. Subly has saved me countless hours.
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Lewis Burgess
Content Creator, Arrow Twelve


How to resize a video?

Upload a video and go to the editor, then select the ‘Size’ tab and choose the size you need. Pick from 16:9, 9:16, 1:1 or 4:5. This will help with all your favourite platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest.

How to add borders?

Select fit with border when editing your video to move your subtitles to the border and give the main frame more space.

How to edit faster?

To speed up your editing even more, you can use style templates in Subly to save the colours and styles you usually choose and select in just one click over and over again.

How to brand a video?

Open Subly editor to add your brand font, logo and colours in a couple of clicks.

How to add text to a video?

Select Text option in the video editor and click add text. Then easily apply formating settings inside the editor.

How to cut a video?

Cut your video in a few easy steps. First, upload you video file and select Snippets. On the timeline select and drag the timeframes you want to keep. Then simply save it as a new project.

How to convert your YouTube video to MP4?

Simply download your YouTube video with Subly tool and export it by clicking the top right button in the editor.

How to download your YouTube video?

Copy the YouTube video URL and paste it into Subly's tool. With a click of a button your video will be imported. You can then edit your video or easily download inside the editor.

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