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Effortlessly meet accessibility standards using AI for subtitles, captions, audio descriptions and more, supported by our expert team.

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The all-in-one media accessibility platform

Subly's interactive platform automates 90% of the effort required to meet accessibility and compliance standards such as WCAG, EAA, and ADA.

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Make videos accessible for those who enjoy reading along, ensuring clear understanding of every word.

Our automatic subtitle generator adds subtitles to your video in minutes with 90% accuracy. Download with subtitles burnt-in, SRT, VTT, and more.

Closed Captions

Open your videos to those who are deaf or hard of hearing by adding closed captions.

The AI generator captures dialogue and identifies speakers. Add sound effects, musical and auditory content labels, and essential non-speech elements, ensuring your content is fully accessible.

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Convert your audio and podcasts to text so your audience can easily follow the conversation.

Subly’s transcription generator harnesses AI technology to extract the dialogue and identify who is saying what. Add descriptions of sounds and visuals, making everything clearer for your readers.


Remove language obstacles for everyone by translating your videos and audio.

Choose from 140 languages with our lightning-fast automatic translator that works instantly for you to reach 85% accuracy. Share with your team for checks or edits directly in the editor, or get help from our experts for precise translations.

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Audio Descriptions

Help those who are blind and visually impaired enjoy your videos.

We generate concise descriptions of what's happening on screen, including actions, scene changes, and any on-screen text, with a voice-over narration. This way, individuals with visual limitations can listen along and fully enjoy the content.

Human Services

Hire professionals to proofread your AI-generated transcripts and captions, and to create audio descriptions from scratch.

Error-free, with superior accuracy, our services are ideal when you're on a tight deadline or have a large volume of content to process. You can also request a multilingual expert to assist with translations.

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Content Warnings

Protect viewers from potential harm. Flashing lights could trigger seizures in those with photosensitivity, and certain content may impact mental health. Warnings allow viewers to decide if they want to watch.

Quickly add content and flash warnings in our editor. A simple tool lets you place warnings before your video starts, keeping your audience informed and safe.

Accessibility Checker

‍Ensure no viewer is left behind by making your videos accessible and compliant with legal standards.

Automatically scan your videos with our tool to check for accessibility features like contrast, font size, and more. It identifies what's missing and guides you on changes to meet inclusive and legal compliance with ADA, EAA, and WCAG standards.

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Support global viewers and employees easily

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Our Features

Complete accessibility. Simple and straightforward.

Interactive Editor

Speed up with Subly's AI for transcription and translation. Jump into the editor for quick typo fixes, timing adjustments, and easy formatting changes like size, colour, and style.

Team Collaboration

Cut down on back-and-forth. Collaborate easily with global teams and stakeholders. Improve your workflow, edit swiftly, and share for speedy reviews.


Simplify your work with direct recording imports or integrations, skipping downloads and uploads.
Ready for quick editing, saving you valuable time.

Expert Support

Get fast, expert support for quality checks on subtitles, captions, and descriptions. Overcome language obstacles and ensure content quality effortlessly.

Our Customers

Top companies make their content accessible and meet standards without hassle.

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‘’Subtitling is critical for us to make sure we’re serving our Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities, as well as other audiences who require that support. Our creative team and our filmmakers found Subly really easy and quick to use. It's been crucial in streamlining our whole content process.’’

‘’Subly's translations have ensured that our message is accessible to a broader demographic, regardless of language barriers. This powerful tool has not only saved us time and resources but has also amplified our ability to connect with audiences worldwide.‘’

‘’Their AI-powered tools have significantly improved our content accessibility and reach. We've drastically reduced production time, resources, and manual efforts. We've expanded global engagement and can now connect with a diverse, international audience.‘’

How will you use Subly?

For work

Make all your company media accessible and compliant, work efficiently with teammates - all in one place.

For personal use

Easily make individual media files accessible using AI and our editor.

Our Resources

Learn how to be accessible and compliant

View our Compliance Resources >

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Accessibility Compliance & Legislation

Discover the media rules, who must follow them, and ways to comply.

WCAG standards

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Learn how the WCAG principles help to guide laws, making media accessible to all.

EAA standards

European Accessibility Act (EAA) Compliance

Find out who will be affected by new EU rules in 2025 and the way to prepare.

Learn how to be accessible and compliant,