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Make Your Video & Audio Content Accessible

The #1 Media Accessibility Solution for WCAG, EAA and ADA Compliance.

Closed captions

Inclusive, Accessible, and Compliant Media Content

No need to learn new software. Create inclusive, accessible, and compliant media in an efficient way.

20% of the global population has disabilities that prevent them from understanding or engaging with your video and audio content.

Your audience  should be able to understand your   video and audio content, regardless of ability. Accessible and inclusive content is a crucial stride toward creating a society that champions the acceptance of every individual, irrespective of their capabilities.

Our solutions enable all businesses, big and small, to embrace inclusivity and comply with EEA, ADA & WCAG standards.

Break down accessibility barriers and open your door to a wider audience

Make your video and audio fully understandable and engaging for everyone. Break down barriers and connect with your viewers and listeners in an accessible way.

Generate subtitles online

Audio Description

Help your audience understand the visual media content.

Help blind and visually impaired audiences understand the visual aspects of your media content.

Bring your video content to life with narrative descriptions of physical actions, scene changes, on-screen text and much more.

Captions & Subtitles

Enhance accessibility, comprehension, and inclusivity of your media.

Enable timestamped, accurate speech-to-text closed captions (CC) and subtitles to provide accessibility for audiences who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Allow them to understand your media content by reading the dialogue and non-verbal sound effects.

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Descriptive Transcripts

Go beyond Closed Captions (CC) and Subtitles.

Our video and audio transcription includes speaker recognition and non-verbal sounds.

Easily identify the speaker alongside the dialogue, making it clear who is saying what. Help your audience to track the dialogue with ease.


Speak your audience's language for better understanding and engagement.

Quickly translate your video and audio content making it more inclusive and understandable to a broader audience.

Enable individuals and employees who speak a different language to digest your content in their mother tongue.

Add text to video
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Colour Contrasts

Boost usability of your media files.

Ensure your audiences with colour blindness can read and see the on-screen text and closed captions clearly against the background.

Adjust font weight and size to improve visibility of your text elements.

Over 15,000 businesses are already on it.

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"Subly's platform became the catalyst for our transformation. We revamped our strategy by introducing on-demand videos, now accessible in all UN languages and Portuguese, thereby breaking down linguistic barriers and opening our doors to a wider audience."
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Enhanced efficiency. Global reach. Elevated accessibility.
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A powerful AI-powered solution and compliance expertise

Accessibility doesn’t have to be complicated. Global teams use Subly to efficiently make media content accessible and inclusive.

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Provide accessibility for individuals with disabilities. By creating more diverse and inclusive media content ensure that more people can access and benefit from your content.

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Enhance the experience for viewers who prefer to read along with the audio. Reading and hearing simultaneously can improve understanding of your video content.

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Increase engagement by adding subtitles and getting the attention of those scrolling with sound off. Subtitles can make viewers feel more connected to the characters and story.

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Accessibility teams

Subtitle, caption, transcribe, translate and provide audio descriptions for their media content.

Helping their audience to engage with inclusive videos and reaching global accessibility standards (ADA, EAA, WCAG).

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Learning & development teams

Automate multi-language subtitles, generate SRTs and burn captions in video. Get more accessible content out the door faster.

Accessibility Compliance: Subtitles, Closed Captions, Audio Descriptions, Audio Transcription

Is your business inclusive?

Find out if your videos are compliant with ADA , EAA or WCAG  standards and accessible for people with disabilities.

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Compliance teams

Use Subly to ensure compliance with multiple standards and regulations (EAA, WCAG, ADA, 508).

Training & internal communication teams

Edit, translate, and subtitle videos to increase engagement & reach. Reduce the production timeline and create multiple language versions for accessible video training.

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Are you ready?!

The European Accessibility Act (EAA) is coming in 2025.

Your video and audio content needs to comply with the upcoming EAA legislation or you may be fined up to €100,000 for non-compliance with its standards.

Learn all the key information your business need to prepare and plan for the upcoming changes.