Resham Hussain

Data Scientist

Resham looks after all things data, helping users globally to subtitle videos.

My background 

I was born in London, and four years later my family relocated to Dubai, where I lived for 15 years and learned how to do the ‘rain dance’ during PE lessons. I moved back to London in 2015 to continue my studies and I am very much enjoying the rain and lack of summer in the UK! 

Fun-fact: I have synesthesia and while that has many sub-categories, mine includes seeing letters and numbers as colours!

My education 

I completed all my schooling up to A Levels in Dubai before moving back to London. I was awarded my BSc in Mathematics from Queen Mary University of London, and I am currently completing my MSc in Health Data Science from UCL and will finish in 2021. My thesis is based on examining the relationship between coronary artery disease and poorer brain health, and whether this association is causal using a Mendelian randomisation study design I.e. Does heart disease lead to poorer brain health in later life?  

My experience

I worked at a chocolate store, Lindt, as a Sales Assistant for a few months whilst studying for my undergrad; if you ever feel like giving up chocolate, I recommend working at a chocolate store! After graduating, I worked at an office leasing company, Regus, as a Community Associate for a little over a year from October 2018 to November 2019. That helped me improve my communication skills. Who would have thought spending three years doing a maths degree would not do wonders for my speaking skills? My entire role at Regus revolved around me communicating with suppliers, clients, and potential customers. Hence, I was really put into an uncomfortable situation that I needed to adapt to and it definitely improved me in many ways. In March of 2021, I joined Subly as a Data Scientist! Here, I predominantly work with PostgreSQL and PowerBI to transform data into reports and help the team to gain insights into all things Subly.

My achievements 

Learning the rain dance and getting 2nd place in a chess competition back in highschool! More seriously though, it has to be getting back into education and work. Working in my dream role, as well as attending my dream university, after almost a year away from both, has taught me a lot about persevering through the challenges and always makes me look forward to what new is to come in the future.

My expertise 

I can code in Python, R, SQL (MySQL and PostgreSQL), DAX, and Stata. I learned to work with PowerBI when I started at Subly and now the majority of my work is produced there!

My interests

I love watching documentaries, from sharks to Thatcherism to ballet in the 1900s, I’m open to watching all sorts. Okay, maybe not that last one. I also enjoy gaming; specifically, I enjoy open-world RPGs, trying out new MMOs, and getting annoyed in online FPS games. 

My career highlight so far

My career highlight to date has to be entirely automating my (and Subly’s!) first ever report! It’s great to see the rest of the Subly team using the data available to them to make product, sales, feature, marketing, and business decisions based on all the data we have available!

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