Natalie Williams

Head of Marketing & Partnerships

Natalie leads marketing and partnerships, growing Subly around the world.

My background

I’m Natalie Williams, Head of Marketing and Partnerships at Subly. I lead everything marketing, brand and growth and love working with our amazing community of users and ambassadors around the world. It’s the people that make me work hard every day, helping people around the world to make great content and enabling all to access it! 

I grew up in Staines (home of Ali-G), studied at Kingston University and then moved to London. I love to travel (when we’re not in the middle of a global pandemic!) and try out new restaurants and bars in London. 

Fun fact - I was hypnotised for a blood phobia...and can now walk into a hospital without falling on the floor! 

My education

I was awarded a First Class degree in Business Studies from Kingston University (after a lot of studying...and partying!) and worked all the way through my studies.

My experience

I started work at the age of 14 in a local shop, followed by working through the summers at Thorpe Park to get free tickets and Gap as a visual stylist (to spend all my earnings back on clothes!). 

I joined Xerox on placement as part of my degree and was invited back onto the Graduate Program after university. I spent another 3 years at Xerox working in various sales and marketing roles, then deciding to leave the corporate world to join a French startup as the first non french speaking employee! 

Since then I have worked with various startups, focused on marketing, growth, brand and partnerships, with a commercial focus to achieve fast growth. 

My achievements

Maybe my biggest decision was to turn down a bigger role to work for a startup I ‘just found interesting’ and no one knew about to take the leap into startup life. I’ve learnt so much since! I’ve contributed to amazing growth, learnt how not to do things, built amazing communities, and most importantly to me, I’ve helped others working with me too. I guess it was a risk at the time but since then I have worked with, helped and advised lots of different startups. 
Recently I reached 150 days of meditation in a row which definitely helps me to stay grounded and focused in a busy role! Anyone should just try it, it’s harder to start than keep it up for sure!

My expertise

I guess my experience has made me a little different from others in marketing who have more of a content or creative angle. Although I left the corporate world, the sales roles and training gave me a commercial angle and growth mindset helping me in fast growth startups like Subly. 

I love to build my own knowledge but also to help my team to learn, grow and thrive. I have a natural skill (and the disadvantage!) of being very very organised and can manage a lot of different projects and lead teams at the same time! 

My interests

In work I love to learn from others who have been through similar experiences before, maximise productivity of my team and to cut through the noise on social media. It can be very distracting working in digital marketing and I do think it’s a real art to be able to find those voices who are useful and treat other content as a distraction. 

In my spare time I love to help other startups and am about to launch a rebrand and website for a tech startup as a side project. 

Outside of work I love to travel, spend time with those closest to me, go to the gym and spin classes, meditate, visit new restaurants and shop! Although I probably funded Bezos trip to space solely from my Amazon orders in the last few years!

My career highlight so far

Taking Subly from 1K users when I joined the team in lockdown 2020 to 100K through our marketing and comms efforts! I still can’t really believe it! Also generating the first revenue for Subly with a campaign in July 2020 when 350 people signed up as founding members in 24 hours. In my other roles, hosting an event at the Royal Albert Hall in the main auditorium! Or perhaps not my finest moment when one of my events team lost a Government Minister underneath the Science Museum in London 10 mins before his speech!

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