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Mohamed Ahmed

Mohamed Ahmed

Mohamed works on development to make fixes and improvements to the platform.

My background

My name is Mohamed Ahmed, I am a Full Stack Developer at Subly. I am a first generation British Somali born and raised in South London. I speak both English and Somali. I am a big sports fan, from football, supporting my childhood team Arsenal and catching up with NBA Basketball when I can. My other hobbies include video gaming, hanging out with friends, activities such as bowling or playing golf. I am typically an introverted but socially outgoing individual who enjoys doing social activities with friends and family.

My education

I completed my undergraduate degree in BSc Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London. The degree provided me with a wealth of knowledge ranging from application development, Security Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. I enjoyed my course and although it was challenging, it was a very rewarding experience which I shared with other talented individuals and made some great friends along the way. I was able to explore many different fields within computer science, providing insight into what current technologies are being used to solve the world’s problems. My degree has allowed me to build a foundational knowledge in modern technology which is heavily used today in my role as a developer.

My experience

I graduated recently in the summer of 2020 and I have been working on my technical skills and building on top of my engineering knowledge through mini projects. My role at Subly as a Full Stack Developer is my first engineering role. My responsibilities involve developing new features and improving the Subly platform. This involves working on the back end of the application, such as working on API logic and data to ensure content works. I also work on the front end of the application ensuring you have the best user experience when using Subly. I am always learning and facing new challenges which is great for developing my craft as a developer.

My achievements

Recently my achievements have involved graduating with the highest honors especially towards the end of my degree in the midst of a global pandemic which proved difficult at times. Another achievement is landing my first engineering role here at Subly as a Full Stack Developer, working alongside an amazing team to make your content truly global!

My expertise

My expertise ranges from using React and typescript for front end development, to working on the backend of the Subly application involving business and API logic using modern technologies such as nodejs and postgresql. I have other expertise outside of my current role such as using python for machine learning and data purposes at a beginner level.

My interests

I have interests in tech stuff such as AI, VR/AR and any other exciting tech development. My hobbies include gaming (a great way to socialise with friends virtually), sports including football and NBA Basketball when games aren't too late! I also love to relax watching TV shows and movies. With friends I enjoy doing activities such as bowling, crazy rides at theme parks and golfing.