Michael Oluade

QA Tester

Michael tests Subly to make sure it works in the best way for you.

My background

I am Michael Oluade, and I’m the QA tester at Subly. In my day-to-day, I test every feature we release to ensure that Subly is as easy, fast and straightforward to use as you need it to be. I also support our customers whenever they have questions or need help using Subly. 

I am from West Norwood, which is a lovely community in South London. Originally, my parents are from Nigeria in West Africa. They moved to the UK and started a family here. I am the middle child in a big family of 5 children! We all get on really well, though. Unfortunately, I can’t speak Yoruba, my parent’s native tongue, too well. So on the language front, it’s just English for me.

I would say I am happy, confident, and at the same time calm and chilled. When I’m not working, I spend most of my days watching sports, hanging out with my friends, spending time with my family and playing video games. 

My fun fact is that I had a true obsession with egg mayonnaise sandwiches throughout my school years. Every school trip and I mean every school trip, was blessed with one of my mum’s delicious egg sandwiches. 

My education

I graduated with a Higher National Diploma in Business Studies from Fairfield School of Business. During my time in Fairfield, I learnt a lot about the structure of a business and the different legislations businesses must follow. I was taught about the various departments in a company such as HR, Marketing and Development, etc. 

I enjoyed the course, and it opened my eyes to how a business operates on a day-to-day as well as on a longer-term basis. I didn’t like all the legislation in place that you had to research. To be honest, I don’t use my studies much, but it is still helpful in my day-to-day life. 

My experience

Before and during Covid-19, I was a healthcare assistant at the NHS. The pressure in which the staff had to work was hard. It was challenging from a physical but from a mental one. 

Before that, I was a Junior QA Engineer at Immerse.io, where I worked on many projects, mainly testing many VR software and web platforms. I worked on some cool projects that were made for some huge companies. This was a great experience because I got to test the whole project from start to finish which was nice. This really helped me build confidence in myself as a QA Engineer.

My achievements

Thus far, my achievements have been testing the VR solution on the GE project, which received a VR award. And within my new role at Subly, helping to test the Subly platform before our latest release of audio to video!

In my personal life, the most significant achievement to date has been becoming a father!

My expertise

My expertise lies in testing and automation of testing. And, of course, having the patience to test! My next career goal is to complete my ISEB, a software testing certification, so I can improve and become more of an expert in my approach to testing. The automation element will also make testing much easier and quicker. This only means a better Subly platform for you!

My interests

I like a lot of different things. I’m pretty active in my social life and physically. I like playing football, meeting up with friends and trying new restaurants. When it’s not a football day, I can be found at the gym, watching football, playing video games or cooking for my family and spending time with them. 

I’m also a little bit of a history geek!

My key career highlight to date

To date, my key career highlight has to be testing on the GE Healthcare project, which won a VR Award. Winning an award professionally is a pretty good feeling. 

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