Huseyin Erdogan

Junior Front-End Developer

Huseyin builds new features and fixes any bugs so you can enjoy Subly!

My background

I‘m Huseyin Erdogan, Junior Front-End Developer at Subly. I write code, build new features and fix unexpected bugs to make Subly the best it can be for our users and community! 

I’m on the UK side of the team, and I am based in London. I also grew up in London and have lived here all my life. I spent a few years in Reading whilst completing my degree, but we don’t count that!

I’m from the UK but have a Kurdish background, so I speak Kurdish, Turkish and English, which is cool, especially while working at a global startup! 

A multicultural background comes with a love for travel, too! I also love to keep up with tech news, listen to music and watch the latest movies.

I tend to keep myself to myself, but I can be outgoing. I like to crack a joke once in a while, and I don’t tend to take things too seriously.

A fun fact about me is that I’m red and green colourblind.

My education

I graduated with a First class degree in Chemistry from Reading University. I learnt a lot about electrons, living independently, and most importantly, good partying! 

Overall, I liked university,  but I really disliked cooking for myself. I spent a lot of time thinking about homemade food and a lot of time traveling back home to eat homemade food.

While I enjoyed learning chemistry and doing experiments, I realised I wasn’t a fan of the career path of a chemist or a scientist. Since I have always enjoyed computers and tech on the side, it was only natural I progressed into software engineering. So here I am now, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

My experience

At university, I did some tutoring and mentoring on the side. After university, my first ever job was at Studiocanal as an IT Support Engineer.

While supporting over 100 people as a Support Engineer and mentoring students in their studies are different types of responsibilities, both prepared me for a career as a Full-Stack Developer.

On the more technical side, I have experience with JavaScript and Python languages and many frameworks and libraries, including React, Node, Django, Flask. I have experience with NoSQL/SQL databases, too.

My achievements

I’m proud that I taught myself simple code when I was completing secondary school. I liked tech, and people around me were building cool websites and apps, and I wanted to be able to do it, too. Now it’s paid off for my career. 

At work, I am proud of achievements at my last job, like moving the email systems and physical IT equipment of a 100-person office and building relationships with VIP clients.

At Subly, I am proud of deploying my first ever code to production, just two weeks in! It’s cool to see my work in real life, helping our users worldwide every day. 

My expertise

My primary expertise is JavaScript development, and recently, I’ve started learning how to use all the software we use at Subly, like AWS, Jira, Confluence, Akita and such. I love learning new skills and growing my toolkit! I’ve also been to a coding boot camp which was fun!

My interests

Inside of work, to be honest, I like learning about a bunch of things as I’m inquisitive, but of course, I have slightly more interest in the techy stuff.

When it comes to general tech videos, I always watch Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), a YouTuber and professional ultimate frisbee player, best known for his technology-focused videos. I also really enjoy Uravgconsumer, an average guy who loves tech and gives his opinions. I also like Daniel Vassallo and Pieter Levels because of their sheer dedication and constant curiosity to build and test new things in the startup world. I think that it’s pretty impressive! I don’t have a specific publication I check, but my platforms for content consumption are Twitter and YouTube, with a sprinkle of Instagram.

Outside of work, I like going out and seeing and doing new things. I enjoy learning about crypto, watching movies, listening to music, going to the gym, playing football, and watching it.

My key career highlight to date

My career highlight to date would probably be pushing code to production at Subly, as it’s my first full-time software job.

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