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Andy Petersen

Andy Petersen

Andy helps users to find the right transcription and translation plan for their business.

My background

I’m Andy Petersen, Head of Sales, Customer Engagement and Go to Market strategy for all things related to Subly Business. My role is to speak with all of our biggest customers and ensure that Subly is doing everything possible to help businesses with the biggest challenges in transcribing, translating and subtitling content. I love working on new ideas with customers and welcome feedback about what they wish Subly could do.

I was Born in Leicestershire, raised in Kent, worked for 10 years in London and now I live in Nottinghamshire. When remote working took off in 2020, I left life in London and moved to a village near Nottingham with my partner. We are soon to become parents to a baby girl in November 2021!

I am fanatical about sport, literally any sport! Everything from football, I am a Chelsea FC fan, to Basketball, where I support the Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA. Although when it comes to actually participating in sport, you can find me running 10km for fun, half-marathons for pain, swimming in the pool, hiking around the Peak District and I’m looking to join a water polo team.

My personality has been labeled as an INFJ by the Myers Briggs test, this stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging! But all you need to know is that I am a friendly and calm person who cares about doing the right thing.

Fun fact… before transitioning into the business world, I was an acupuncturist and ran my own business treating patients in London. Consulting patients on their health is similar to consulting businesses on reaching their goals and solving their challenges I guess!

My education

I studied Sports Science at Nottingham Trent University and Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Lincoln - yes, random!

My experience

Acupuncture aside, my business experience is varied. Learning the ‘art of sales’ during my time with software giants such as SAP and Intuit, I eventually found my passion for building startups - ultimately leading me to join the team at Subly! A theme with all the startups I have joined is that they are innovative, disruptive and I connect with some type of positive social impact (the millennial in me is strong!) including accounting software for small businesses, recruitment technology to help talent find jobs they love, property technology to make renting fairer and easier. All of this has taught me to care deeply about, and listen carefully to, customer challenges and bring these insights to the team so that we can innovate.

My achievements

Personally, I came 1st place in the egg and spoon race at School sports day, 1992.

In work, it's fun to learn and grow with a startup. It's also humbling and I'm proud to have played my part, both commercially and culturally in over 20 startups. Whilst not every venture has worked out perfectly, the learning and growth has been continuous and I am now very comfortable with failing fast as a means to reach success.

My expertise

Consultative and value added sales, sales prospecting and development, negotiation and closing sales, sales coaching, sales strategy, go-to-market strategy, consulting.

I help startups transition from early sales results to opening the floodgates for more frequent and larger sales deals. Since May 2017, I have worked with 20+ different startups - taking full-time/contract positions embedded within the team as an experienced individual contributor, or as a consultant to SME business leaders on sales and go-to-market strategy.

The systems and tech I love to use includes Outreach, Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, Vidyard, Jiminny, Looker, SalesLoft, Tableau, Keynote, G Suite.

My interests

Inside of work I love to continuously learn, Sales Impact Academy, YouTube and Blinkist is where I go everyday to learn about getting better as a sales leader, entrepreneur and allround professional. My favourite quote is “Seek first to understand and then to be understood" - Stephen Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Outside of work, if I’m not working on Subly, I’m probably working on a friend's business, my own side hustles…or fixing up my house/garden. Don’t be fooled, I am awful at DIY!