Ana Kozlova

Marketing Executive

Ana creates content across all channels to help you learn about transcription and translation.

My background

I’m Ana, born in Ukraine, raised in Cyprus and currently living in London. I’ve lived in almost all four corners of Europe.

On the Myers-Briggs scale, I am an ENFP-T (outgoing, open-minded, abstract thinker) which explains why my childhood dream has been to speak every single language in the world, so far I’m only on language number five. At the time of writing, I could probably hold a conversation with you in three of those! (Russian, Ukrainian, English, Greek *mostly* also, French *kinda* and I’m learning German *I can only ask for a coffee with milk*!)

In my free time I spend a lot of time reading, mostly non-fiction and wellbeing books (find me on Goodreads). I love working on side projects like podcasts, Kickstarters, magazines... and you can find me over analysing brands I love and hate on Medium. Newsletters on obscure topics are my weakness.

I’m a bit of a music and biology geek. Very ENFP of me. 

My education

In 2018, I moved out to London to study Journalism at Goldsmiths. I have worked at start-ups all throughout university (and my career thus far), and have discovered joy in marketing and all forms of multimedia producing, including video and podcasting. 

If I have learnt anything in my degree it is that:

  1. Journalists are actually professional stalkers
  2. Most people who study journalism go to work in marketing

In short, while I don’t use my degree actively, being a journalist is definitely a bonus when working in marketing.

My experience

My first real job has been here at Subly. Before that I interned at media and SaaS start-ups within social media and content teams. 

Most of my work experience has been at start-ups, and I can’t imagine it any other way. I love improving systems, learning on the go, wearing lots of hats and being in a room full of curious people digging at a real problem to solve. 

I have worked in content marketing for 3 years now. First through freelance projects and now, within my role at Subly. As a Marketing Exec, I spend my time collaborating with our community and ambassadors, planning and producing written and video content on our social channels and blog, and optimising Subly for the search engines. Occasionally, I will embark on a mass re-organisation of our Google Drive or JIRA boards, too! 

I know the basic office tools, some marketing tools, some specialised social media management tools, even more specialised video and audio editing tools– and am always learning how to use more tools to simplify my own life and the lives of my colleagues. 

My achievements

Personally, I am proud of that one time I got up and moved countries by myself before university. I am also proud of running the university newspaper for two years, launching an investigative podcast, and *most* of the work I create. 

In work I am proud of being able to bring more structure to our systems, and I am proud to be a part of the work we create with our team and our community, and most of all proud to be building relationships with the people who love and use Subly everyday. 

My expertise

In my relatively short career, I have been focused on learning to effectively tell stories with meaning. With the journalistic skills from university and the marketing experience, I’m investing my time into learning how the internet works, how people’s minds work, and the craft of storytelling in all formats.

Above all, I am a writer but practicing in video, audio and social media production will hopefully refine my skills into ‘my expertise’ in the future. I am also on the way to becoming a qualified journalist!

My interests

Inside of work, I love anything related to social media trends, startups, finding a way to simplify processes, and learning interesting things like the fact that ReCaptcha only asks you to check the boxes with the buses because it doesn't know which boxes show the buses.

My career highlight so far

My career highlight has been finding a dream job, despite COVID-19, that enables me to learn and grow everyday. Finding that job very much stemmed from having the courage to start a blog and be more expressive on the internet, and go after things that seemed out of reach for me at the time. I also really enjoyed that time I spoke on a podcast about Subly!

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