Terms and Conditions
Founding Members

Date of Publication: 26th June 2020
  1. This offer is only valid from 8am BST 15th July 2020 to 8am BST 22nd July 2020.  
  2. By signing up for this one time offer, you are agreeing to purchase the Subly Pro subscription. No other subscriptions are valid as part of this offer.
  3. You agree to pay $6 (USD) for a 6 month subscription.
  4. Payment must be made in full at time of purchase, upfront for the entire six month period.
  5. Payment must be made via online payment system only.
  6. This is a pre-order purchase, your subscription will be live from September 2020.
  7. Non-usage of the system will not constitute a basis for a refund.
  8. Cancellation of your account during the period will exempt you from future discounts applicable to founding members.
  9. This offer is limited to a fixed number of customers, not all sign-ups will be accepted due to this.
  10. Access to beta features is limited to those features released for the Subly Pro subscription only.
  11. By signing up for this offer you agree to receive ad hoc updates from the Subly Team and Founders.
  12. Subly is not obliged to share any video or quote that you share with us for public use.
  13. Posts on our thank you page are only for those who sign up as a founder member and will only be made public once all parties agree on the content.
  14. There is no obligation to renew your subscription after the initial 6 month founding membership subscription.