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Frequently asked questions

Where do I sign in to my Subly account?

To access your account go to use 'Sign in with Google' or enter your email and password. Please use the method you registered for Subly with so you can use the same account.

What type of video or audio files can I upload to Subly?

You can upload .mp4 and .mov video files and any audio files to your account. If you have a different file format try a file conversion tool before you upload your file.

What size can my file be why I upload?

All the Subly plans allow you to upload different file sizes, Subly Free 500MB, Subly Pro 1GB, Subly Premium 2GB and Subly Premium 5GB.

Can I refer my friends to Subly for rewards?

Yes, please do! If you invite your friends to Subly, we'll give you 5 minutes for every friend who signs up for Subly Free and an extra 10 minutes if they sign up to Subly Pro or Premium. We'll give the extra minutes to your friend too. Log in to start earning free minutes and to refer friends today.

Can I make changes to my automatic subtitles?

Your subtitles are automatic with Subly to save you time, but you still have the power to edit and style as much as you like.

How can I remove the watermark from my video?

It's easy to remove the watermark once you're on a paid Subly plan under the 'Logo' tab in the editor. We really would love if you could keep the watermark to help tell others about how they can make accessible content too.

Can I repurpose my video on different social platforms?

Sure, you're in the right place! To resize your content in different aspect ratios you'll need to sign up to Subly Pro. First, upload a video and then use the simple editor and ‘Size’ tab to select the size you'd like to switch to. Choose from 16:9, 9:16, 1:1 and 4:5 for all your social platforms.

I have an idea for a feature, how can I submit my idea?

We can't wait to hear your idea on how Subly can be even better. Send us your idea or upvote the feature you'd like to see next on our Roadmap.

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