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Jeril Laiju
University Student and Content Creator

I went to boarding school in India for one year in the middle of secondary school in UK.

Joe Gannon
Content Marketer and Social Media Strategist

My most used app is LinkedIn.

Oyinkro Kagbala
Founder and Creative Director

I was born in Canada and lived in the Caribbean for a year, but the UK is my home.

Tanay Tandon
Content Creator and Student

I've lost hours of sleep trying to decide if my favourite food is Cypriot style Gyro or Indian style Butter Chicken...

John Espirian
Copywriter, LinkedIn Pro and Author

Humans have fewer genes than corn.

Ucha Vekua
Founder and Creator

I enjoy travelling because I love checking out McDonald's restaurants in different cities and it also helps me to reach my 10k steps goal every day!

Lewis Burgess
Creator and Founder

I took part in the world record for largest number of people having breakfast together.

Gillian Whitney
Video Marketing Coach

I’m a global citizen and have 4 passports to prove it.

Love transcription. Love translation. Love subtitles

What do Subly stars think about Subly?

Jessica Ruhfus
TEDx Founder & Licensee

Love using Subly!!

Gemma Snelling
Director & Founder
at Light Touch Marketing

Subly has been my go-to since last summer! Super easy to use and I wish more people realised the power of captioning their videos (isn’t as high as 85% of people watch video on their social feeds in silent-mode?!)

Nuno Bianchi
Product Manager

What an honor to be featured by Subly! It’s an awesome tool that’s evolving so quickly... because it’s made by awesome people who actually listen to their users. If you produce content in multiple languages like I do. or just want to make your content more accessible in minutes, you should give it a try!

John Espirian
Web Content Writer

Captions in other languages are now possible with Subly.

DeeJae D.
Usability Navigator, Mental Health Mentor

I LOVE #SUBLY!!! Gilian Whitney YESSSSSS I had no idea you could be a brand ambassador for them!! #Goals 😍

Christine McLean
Content Marketer

Subly has truly helped me spend less time editing content. Keep up the great work!