Why Localisation Is Key To Global Business Success

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Translating and localising content was is a huge pain point for teams and creators around the world.

I experienced this first hand when ...

👉Distributing content for the Managing Director or CEO for Internal Communications

👉Launching products into new regions - same video but it needs to be translated at least 5-times

👉Pitching to investors where their primary language isn't English (and it could help convert them to invest in their native language

👉Crowdfunding campaigns

Without a large team, or budget, companies and creators do not have an easy way to translate video content, so they just don't do it.

Well, that's why we created Subly Premium. Born out of our own frustrations in translating content into multiple languages at a click of a button.

✅ Automatically translate

✅ Share a link with your team to check the translation

✅ Share the final link with subtitles or download the video

Transcript below by Subly

We started Subly because content was so complicated for creators and agencies and businesses around the world. And we wanted to help creators to solve localization problems as creators were wasting so much time on manual editing, and I even face problems myself as a creator.

Editing meant complicated tools, lots of training, professional skills needed, and so we set out to fix them.

These are some of the top challenges that people face when trying to translate and the common challenges that you might have without an international team, large budgets, and with a little help of subtitles.

1. First common challenge is creating translated content to reach global audiences.

Only 25% of the Internet are actually English speakers. So translating video and audio content used to be complicated and it should be easier to translate any piece of content you want into any language you need.

Now businesses are automatically translating content to create reliable, accurate translations easily to save themselves even more time.

2. The second challenge is simplifying the team collaboration to save time.

If your team members are working across various platforms and then you need to streamline your workflow to help them. And it will mean more time spent on creating content and less time editing. When teams collaborate on content in one editor, it makes editing a lot easier and a lot faster for them.

3. The third challenge is repurposing existing content in new languages and markets. T

his can be running existing campaigns in new languages or transcribing an English video into translated blog posts for a new platform.

If you'd like to start translating your content and saving time and budget with automatic tools for all your video and audio content today, just give Subly Premium a go.

You can go to Subly or (click the image below) to log in today and upgrade to Subly Premium.

Holly Stephens
CEO & Founder

Holly founded Subly in 2019 with a vision to make subtitling videos a simple 4-step process.

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