WEEKLY VLOG #7 | How to get customers with £0 marketing budget

Holly Stephens
Holly Stephens
August 25, 2020

With so much focus on paid marketing solutions (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google AdWords etc )...when you're an early stage startup like Subly you just don't have the money for paid strategies right from the start.

So, how exactly do you get your first 100, 1000, 10k users and beyond?

💛 Build a community (people who really want to help spread the word)

✍️ Ask for feedback (and keep asking again and again to improve your product)

🎬 Create the right content (vlogs, blogs, videos and articles)

🚀 Use your product in your marketing (it's your #1 differentiator right?)

🔥 Create a buzz (as much noise as you can about launches and updates)

💻 Plan plan plan (make sure you're ready for releases and go for it...)

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