On Sharing Our Company Journey & What You Want to See More from Us? | WEEKLY VLOG #18

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Sharing your journey can be scary...but for us at Subly it's been the best decision!

When we've shared our journey with you...we have:

☝️Got to know you (our community) & the product we are building better

✌️Reached more hidden Subly fans

🖖 Built a stronger brand presence

🙌 Gained your trust by delivering on your feedback!

What do you want to see next from us? Email us at support@getsubly.com!

Transcription by Subly below

Over the past two months, we've been showcasing what is going on behind the scenes at Subly, as well as what's been happening with our community.

We've been telling you what's happened with our product, all the new features that are coming, how we're building our brand.

We've helped other creators create their brand, too.

By adding their logo, to styling their subtitles, to how we've built our brand to date, from zero to now 24,000 users in eight months, and we really hope that it's helped you.

On top of that, we've built a brilliant, loyal base of our community and users who love using Subly.

Who help us inform what is gonna happen with our product in the future.

But we want to know exactly what do you want to see with Subly?

What's gonna help you, whether that's you building your own brand, your clients, your customers, whether you want to know what's just going on internally

at Subly.

Where we're working, from what the teams up to, see more of the team, seeing our advisors.

We want to know exactly what you want to see from us.

So, please drop a comment below on what you like to see from Subly, or reach out straight to us at support@getsubly.com.

Holly Stephens
CEO & Founder

Holly founded Subly in 2019 with a vision to make subtitling videos a simple 4-step process.

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