Top 3 Creator Tips to Increase Watch Time of Your Video ft. Lewis Burgess

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Giving content optimisation all you’ve got? Here’s a few tips from our brand ambassador, Lewis Burgess on increasing your content watch time…

Transcription below:

Here’s my 3 tips to increasing your video watch time.

Tip number one is grab the attention early on in the video.

Whether it’s with a hook, the first three seconds, the title or falling off a chair like that, something that perks your audiences attention straight way is definitely gonna increase your video watch time and is gonna get them hooked in right from the very start.

Tip number two set your audiences expectation early on.

Like in this video. Once you’ve heard my three tips for increasing your video watch time, anything else is not what you’re expecting. So the choices are once you listen to that, you’re going to click off the video. So if I was to start talking about thumbnails and how to design them, that’s not why you watch this video. You’re not gonna be interested in that. Set the expectations early on and stick to them.

Tip three is optimise your video for the platform that it’s going on.
If you made a video for LinkedIn Stories, then it needs to be in the vertical 6 to 9 ratio, which is the straight up one. If you’ve got a video that’s going out on LinkedIn or in the Instagram/Facebook feed. It needs to be square. This is what the platforms like and to increase watch time this is what your audience is expecting in these areas, so do what they expect otherwise, if you put a landscape video on Instagram Stories, you’re not making the most of it, and that’s not what your audience is expecting.

Those are my three tips for increasing your video watch time.

Bonus tip! Use captions.

Almost up to 80% of video on social media is watched without audio.
So if they can’t hear what you’re saying, they’re gonna scroll off it. Add those captions in. And the chances are the audience is going to stick around.

Thanks for watching guys. I hope you got a little bit of value out of this and how to increase your video watch time and I look forward to seeing you in the next one.

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Lewis Burgess

Lewis is a Brand Ambassador at Subly. He joined the community in 2020.

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