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Imagine spending 45 minutes editing and transcribing a 45 second video. Now imagine spending only five minutes - with all the hard work automated for you. I know which I’d choose…

Subtitles? Transcription? Closed captions? Descriptors? Voice to text?  There really is no need to complicate it - your content simply needs to be accessible for all.

With over 80% of users consuming video without sound, subtitles are more important than ever for creators, influencers, podcasters, freelancers, journalists, business owners, start-ups, SMEs, brands, enterprises, bloggers and vloggers, helping all to boost engagement with content. But with this need to use subtitles, the need for simplicity has become even more important. That’s why getsubly.com was founded and launched just three months ago. Yes we’re new, but we already have over 4000 users and we’re here to shake things up. 

Whether it's you, your team, your agency or someone you’re paying over the odds experiencing the pain of transcription, we take away the pain and take the usual 17 steps to just 4 simple steps. 

Step 1 - Upload your video to getsubly.com 

Step 2 - Select your language

Step 3 - Edit and give your subtitles some style

Step 4 - Download and share with your audience

Subly is the quickest and easiest program that I have found (for subtitling videos). So that’s why I’ve become an evangelist.
- Gillian, Marketing Professional

Simply put, you can spend more of your precious time and budget on creating and promoting content with subtitles to your network, instead of spending the time and huge costs on subtitling. So go ahead, focus on what you do best, creating more content that people love - we’re here to keep it simple. 

If you’ve not signed up or uploaded your first video, get started for free today at my.getsubly.com 

Minjie and the Subly Team

Natalie Williams
Head of Marketing & Partnerships

Natalie leads marketing and partnerships, growing Subly around the world.

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