Subtitling Case Study: Tim, Founder of Coach Down Under

Keyvan Kasaei
Keyvan Kasaei
February 17, 2020

We get creators from all backgrounds using Subly, so when we spotted Tim Hill, a tennis coach and business owner using our product we had to give him a shout out.

Check out the video of Tim using Subly here.

Who is Tim Hill?

Tim has worked for multiple tennis governing bodies including the LTA (UK) and Tennis Australia for ten years in total. In these roles Tim has been a high performance coach to top national junior players, a coach educator, a small business consultant and all round ambassador for the tennis industry.

Tim’s business

Tim is the founder of Coach Down Under – a recruitment service helping Australian and New Zealand tennis programs find quality tennis coaches.

Tim’s Lightbulb Moment

For the past few years Tim has wanted to do his own thing so this year he took the plunge and started his new business.  It’s very different but he is enjoying the challenge so far.

What Tim says about us

"In using social media and video to promote my new business, it’s essential that all my videos have captions.  I use Subly and it’s simple, easy to use and looks great. I have recommended them to other start ups and I will continue to do so."

Tim Hill, Founder of Coach Down Under

With the power of video marketing, Tim received 35 likes and 1,094 video views on his page.

Want to know more about Tim?

Connect with him on Linkedin and head on over to Coach Down Under.

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