The Ultimate Guide to Branding Your Video Content

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It is a common myth that paid advertising is the only way to effectively grow your social media presence as a brand. In reality, the key to steadily growing your social media presence to increase brand awareness is simple organic marketing using high-quality content that features your branding and messaging.

According to Forbes, 64% of viewers will make a purchase after watching a branded video.

And, according to Facebook, adverts and videos that feature your brand and messaging within the first ten seconds can effectively reach 3x more people.

Why does this matter to you?

These statistics matter to you because they show that your viewers actually love seeing your content. Branded content is only growing on social media, and while most users click out of paid ads within the first 3 seconds, when it is a brand they choose to follow, they are more likely to support the content and pass it on to their friends.

In fact, according to a study, video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness over other types of content marketers.

Video is easy to watch, it’s attention-grabbing, and can be a great way to promote your brand. Video is, afterall, the consumers’ favourite type of content.

How can video branding help you with your social media?

Branding your videos reaps many benefits.

Aside from raising brand awareness, branded video content on social media can generate organic growth.

Your video content without a logo, your brand colours, or a definite headline is a little bit like finding the perfect place to eat but not being able to locate the restaurant’s map button, or any options to share the location with your friends.

Users want to know who you are, what you offer and how they can reach you right now.

When you offer your customers content of value to them or entice them with an offer, attaching a branded element like a watermark of your logo, or a note with your company name, means that when viewers share your content they will be promoting your brand, too.

If your content is easy enough to watch, it will keep getting passed on.

This is the ultimate goal for branding your social media content– creating easy calls to action, so that all your customers have to do is watch the first ten seconds of a video to take action.

How can you start branding your video content the right way?

Video marketing is rewarding because it has by far been the most time consuming type of content to create. There are a few key elements you need to consider to create a fun watching experience for your audience.

Create the perfect intro and outro

Most content has three seconds to impress the audience before they decide to keep scrolling. Considering that a branded video has 10 seconds to grab a viewers attention, this makes nailing the intro particularly important.

In the first three seconds of a video, your intention must be clear.

Add a headline to let your viewer know what the video is about.

Choose an attention-grabbing thumbnail.

Film in great lighting.

Add subtitles.

All of these smaller elements will make it more likely that your viewer will keep watching.

Place your logo with consistency and precision

Add a logo and make sure it’s visible throughout the entire video.

Perhaps try playing around with shading, or alternative colours so your logo compliments the video instead of blending in with the background or obstructing view of the subject.

Consistency in logo placement matters because the more viewers watch your content the more comfortable they will get with your videos, and the more likely they are to notice your logo each time afterwards.

Most brands choose to place their logos in the top right corner of their content because the eyes will subconsciously focus and pick up on that corner of the screen.

Consider adding brand colours

Colour can be a huge factor in brand recognition. A signature colour can increase brand recognition by 80%, a study found.

An excellent example of this is Starbucks, their logo doesn’t even have to be present for customers to relate to the deep and rich green colour of their brand.

So, it is important to also be consistent with the colours you feature in your videos such as the colour of subtitles, headline colour, and any other add-on’s you may need in your videos.

Brand colours also make content more vibrant and enticing to watch so viewers are drawn to colourful or bright colour within your videos.

Export your content in the right size for all mediums

Lastly, the key element of branding yourself on social media, is actually putting your content up on social media. This may sound simple however, many brands fail to recognise the importance of creating content that matches the platform format. Viewers don’t like inconsistency and going out of their way to watch content. That is why it is important to be precise about where you will place your content and export it in the right file format to fit your chosen medium.

Exporting your video in a vertical format for IGTV will increase the chances that viewers will stop to watch your video. In fact, 90% of videos watched vertically have a higher completion rate versus videos watched horizontally since they fit with the rest of the vertical content viewers are consuming. Likewise, viewers are more likely to view your Facebook post if it shows up in their timeline in perfect scale and size.

Hopefully, this has given you insights and inspiration into ways you could be generating more with your video content without putting much more time or budget into it.

If you’re excited about branding and customising your video content, you should check out Subly Pro to test the features out for yourself today.

Ana Kozlova
Marketing Executive

Ana creates content across all channels to help you learn about transcription and translation.

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