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If you create content for social media in 2021, there is a lot to consider. You should choose the right tools and make sure your content stands out, so you reach wider audiences and get useful feedback to improve in future. Subly is a tool for content creators to subtitle their videos automatically and edit & style easily. Their tool helps creators to concentrate on creating more and improving engagement with their audiences.

I have been using Subly for more than four months now, and it has been a really helpful tool for me in terms of saving time and increasing my efficiency as a content creator. In this article, I would like to show what the platform offers and tell you about my experience.

Let’s dive into it more. Enjoy!

How to use it?

The User Interface (UI) is really simple and understandable for users. Their homepage features the whole information about their tool, pricing, and the company itself.

To start using the tool, you just need to log in to your account, upload or choose a video from the dashboard and start editing it.

The dashboard shows you what’s your balance— how many minutes of video you can edit.

The editing page includes the complete information you need to add the automatic subtitles to your video and format it. On the left side of the screen, the subtitle text appears— the platform has already transcribed it automatically, but you are still able to edit it and adjust it with video if you want to make changes.

Editing video with Subly

The formatting part is broken down into five main categories:

Style— Here, you can choose a font for your subtitles, change the size, align it properly, add effects, change colour, and position it wherever you want. You can also save your style as a template, making it easier to edit other videos with the same guidelines.

Logo— This part lets you add your logo to a video. You have an option to resize, position, and change the opacity— a handy feature for organizations.

Headline— You can add and format the headline in this section. Formatting comes with the same features as the ‘Style’ tab. You can either add a headline for 5 seconds or for the whole video.

Size— It can be an essential feature for social media managers, as this section lets you resize your video according to your needs. After making changes with the size, it allows you to have a border or crop the video.

Translation — This feature helps you to reach wider audiences and translate your video subtitle automatically. It can be a perfect tool for international organizations to have their content available in multiple languages. After editing the video, you can download it in the format you like. The platform also lets you download the TXT & SRT files, which can be helpful for content creators in several cases.

How does pricing add up?

Subly offers four different categories of the pricing plan. Here’s how the pricing breaks down for each one:

The Pricing options for...

Subly Free— you obviously don’t need to pay anything for this plan, but the features it offers are very limited. But it still gives you the automatic subtitles for video for 10 minutes of material per month.

Pro— it costs 13$ per month or 120$ with one annual payment for 100 minutes monthly allowance. This plan includes every feature we talked about and is the most popular plan among users. The price of this plan changes according to the number of minutes you will choose per month. The options are — 100, 500, and 1000.

Premium— this plan is the best for global content. The exact pricing is not available for this one yet, but you can register your interest if the additional features sound interesting to you. It includes the translate feature, larger file uploads, and 500 minutes per month.

Business— if you have a team and need to collaborate while formatting videos, this plan might be the best option.

Just like Premium, it also does not have exact pricing. With this plan, you can export videos in HD, share files within the team, and get 1000+ minutes per month. If you need a more personalized plan for your team, you can contact them with one click of a button and have a talk about that. Their team is very helpful in different situations with every user.

Why choose Subly?

Their product is pretty new to the market and the team is motivated to improve the product daily— I saw many updates since the day I started using it and I believe there’s much more to come.

This tool is very useful for content creators. People often play videos on social media without any sound. So, adding subtitles can be essential for more reach and publicity. Subly offers features that can distinguish your brand and save a lot of time to create engaging videos. The price is normal and their UX is their main advantage over competitors in my opinion.

"I would personally suggest using the Subly tool for anyone who wants to try creating video content for social media. It saves a lot of time and helps your videos stand out in a short amount of time. Also, their team is helpful and ready to solve any problem you might have while using the product," Ucha Vekua

Ready to start subtitling, transcribing and translating your content today? Get started. Just click the image below.

Ucha Vekua

Ucha is a Brand Ambassador at Subly. He joined the community in 2020.

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