How Customer Feedback Can Help You Grow Your Brand | WEEKLY VLOG #17

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Customer Experience

Feedback can be really daunting...but actually at Subly we love it!

When you give us feedback we...

▪️Learn how to make a better product for you

▪️Recognise your pain points

▪️Listen to what improvements you want

▪️Understand what makes you happy!

This has been key for us from day one and it has helped us build a thriving community.

So, we want your feedback! What are your thoughts? Tell us down below👇

Transcription by Subly below

Feedback can be really daunting, whether that’s giving it individually or, giving it to your team member or your manager.

But for us at Subly we love feedback. We love the good, the bad, the negative, the positive comments about our product. And it really does help us make a better product.

We listen to what our users are saying about our product, how we can improve the service, make it more easy to use, and the features that they need so we can build a really robust roadmap.

We listen to those improvements, as well as, what are the current pain points are as a customer and a user, and how we can improve that even further.

And, one of the key things that we really try to excel on is that customer satisfaction. Whether that’s from our product, our team answering those customer emails or just the general experience that they’re having with our

And we listen to it day in, day out and it’s one of the most important things to us. And, that’s how it’s helped us build a really thriving community. At 22,000 users to date!

So thank you everyone for your feedback, we wouldn’t be here without you,
eight months on.

And, one thing I really want to encourage is if you haven’t yet used Subly, please give us a feedback on why you haven’t used it, even though it may be a tool for you.

We also want to know what your experience is right now of Subly and how we can improve our service.

And also, are there any product features we haven’t built out yet, that you really do need? Whether that is changing a video, whether that’s a translation that’s coming, whether that’s something we haven’t even thought of and, you want it for our product features.

Please do drop us a note, we’d love to hear from you.

The best way to do that is either drop a note straight below in the feedback comments or drop a note to our team at

We really want to hear from you. Thank you so much for sending us feedback already!

Holly Stephens
CEO & Founder

Holly founded Subly in 2019 with a vision to make subtitling videos a simple 4-step process.

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