How to Edit & Subtitle Your Videos Faster | WEEKLY (GUEST) VLOG #15

Gillian Whitney
How To
Gillian Whitney
October 20, 2020

Have you been searching for an easy-peasy solution to editing & branding your content, like Gillian? 🍋

You can now edit & brand your videos at the same time using Subly Pro!

Here’s what @Gillian at Launch4Life, is loving:

⭐️Customising her own headlines

⭐️Adding her brand logo & colours

⭐️Removing the Subly watermark

Transcription by Subly below

Hi, this is Gillian Whitney at Launch for Life.

I help small business owners become more visible online with easy peasy marketing solutions.

I first heard about Subly reading a comment on LinkedIn. Somebody was talking about a brand new program that they could use for subtitling. And, I got really excited about that because I found that to be the hardest part of content creation.

So I went ahead and signed up for a Subly account, and I found it such an easy peasy program to use. Literally, it just was like magic.

It took my video, transcribed it for me. I was able to make my edits, and then I could download my SRT file, upload it to LinkedIn and away I go.

People often ask me, why do I call myself a Google goddess? I just have to tell you, I’m really good when it comes to Google. So if you’re doing a search for the best subtitled program out there, go ahead and put ‘get Subly’ into your Google search and see if you don’t get the results that I have, which have been awesome.

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